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Monday, December 30, 2013

Top Ten Blog Posts for 2013

Soon to be washed away by the tide of a New Year.

Top 10 blog posts

10. Lessons from the Naja I shared my heart felt feelings about the amazing opportunity I have to know and work with this special lady. But..You’ll have to read the post to get the lessons.

9. Define your own success This was a reflection from a weekend nail Artist retreat in Kansas City with the PKO education group. I had the blessing to be part of a team of amazing educators and soak up their knowledge as well. One of these top nail trainers was Maisie Dunbar and I share her on point theory of defining your own success. It’s definitely worth the read.

8. Social Media and Indian food I shared an adventure while looking for a vegan meal in London Ontario while attending the CNTC with Braden. We used Yelp to determine which restaurant we should check out so you’ll have to read the post to see if the power if social media really works.

7. Adventures at the Beauty Classic I updated all of our listeners with what was happening at the 2013 Premiere Beauty Classic. I ran into some of our favorite nail peeps and they were showing off some of our favorite new products.

6. Seasonal strategies This post I shared my past favorite pedicure specials including a few recipes and of course the Open Toed Shoe Pledge. Something every beauty girl should take.

5. International Congress of Esthetics I shared a wrap up of this show I was a guest speaker at in Philadelphia. I previewed a new gel polish and met up with Katie Saxton from Custom Nail Solutions.

4. Top Ten things your clients want This was actually an article from Inc. magazine that I took their top ten list and applied it to our beauty world. Definitely a great read.

3. Spring Renewal This post shared top tips on spring marketing, including a few ways to think outside the beauty box and expand your client data base.

2. Building a celebrity clientele This post was a live update from the International Congress of Esthetics where I spoke on building a celebrity clientele. Check it out if it is on your to do list for 2014.

1. Building foot Traffic In this most popular post I shared several tried and true strategies to increase your pedicure business.
So if you missed any one of my segments they are all archived on my blog right here. Adventures of a Pro beauty girl. Make sure you read them all because that’s smart marketing.



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