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Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Renewal

      Contrary to the current weather conditions across the country Spring is coming, don't be fooled. The spring season is a great time for renewal. Clients are ready for a change, something new to brush off the winter doldrums. Look around at all the new products and treatments and consider what you can add to your retail area and your spring service menu. Add new colors, new treatments, maybe even new hours, new staff, new decor. Freshen up your surroundings to encourage renewal. Each spring I recommend partnering with a spring renewal buddy, another area business that is also in some sort of renewal. Look at partnering with personal trainers, nutritionists, local gyms for renewing the commitment to better health. Think about partnering with local dentists for teeth whitening and dermatologists for a little spring lift. Scour the neighborhood for businesses that offer spring specials as well like tanning salons or if you have a partner hair salon you work with why not team up for a spring make-over. Massage therapists and chiropractors are also good renewal partners. Clients that go to these businesses on a regular basis are concerned with taking care of themselves. 

     Think outside the beauty box too. Look at local decorators to spruce up your dwellings, cleaning services for the dreaded spring cleaning, and organization companies. I mean who couldn't use a little more organization this time of year? Partner with churches or Synagogue and put together a spring renewal program to present to their groups. Community Recreation Centers are always looking for programs for their members as well. I presented at Spa day several years in a row at the local community center that brought in everything from Mary Kay reps to Yoga teachers to present spring renewal ideas. Anywhere women gather, is a potential opportunity. Life coaches are a terrific resource for renewal and don't we all have a few clients that are life coaches? Just think renewal and let your imagination free. You may even consider putting together a spring renewal card with several area businesses special offers printed on it, like a business card. Each area business can promote the card.

       Think about a contest that each card holder can be entered into a drawing to win gift cards or year round discounts. The thing about partnering with other area businesses is it gives you access to another companies data base, and I love to get my hands on another data base to market my business to. Having owned a salon on a main drag in a busy plaza believe me when I tell you not everyone knows you're there. We did a local special with GroupOn, which is a whole other story, but a new client told me she actually got into an argument with her boyfriend that told her there was NOT a salon in that plaza. He went there a couple times a week for lunch, straight into the pizza shop right next door, and straight home. Pizza blinders. No matter what you think your visibility is people have tunnel vision. Partner with other area businesses and broaden the view. Last but not least, promote promote, promote. For those of you that signed up for Style Seat premium make sure you create your Spring Renewal newsletter and email it to all your clients. Post it on all your social media sites and get your business renewed for Spring.

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