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Monday, April 22, 2013

Build Your Foot Traffic

      How else can we build our pedicure business? Follow your feet.  Partnering with other podiatric businesses and events are a sure way to get more pedicure clients. I partnered with a local podiatrist that was actually a client. We brainstormed about an event to build both our businesses and I hosted an event called "Toe Talk" at my salon. We invited clients from both the salon and her office and marketed it in the local town newspaper. This was before Facebook, so I would recommend creating an event and encouraging your clients to invite their friends as well.  Dr. Ferguson came in and gave an informational talk about general foot health and then took individual questions. She even brought in one of those foot skeletons for a visual aid. I had refreshments and made a party of it. I also offered 10% off any foot care products and foot care services. I packaged 6 Pedicures for the price of 5 good only that night. It turned out to be a really great event for both of us. One of my clients discovered her constant foot pain was actually arthritis and she booked an appointment with the doctor for a follow up visit.

     I also partnered with a local shoe store. I know they are getting harder to find, but seek out a local business that you can share data bases. We put together a Spring into Sandals Special. I offered the shoe store shoppers 10% off their first pedicure or a free spa upgrade with any pedicure purchased. My guests got 20% off any sandal purchase. Of course I offered the store personnel the same offer.

Many towns now have a runners store. Runners have foot challenges and really need good foot care. Seek out a store in your area and offer them a special discount for their runners. You may ever want to create a pedicure just for runners special needs.  See if the store would like to offer your clients a certain percentage off a onetime purchase at their store.

     Speaking of runners, this time of year is full opportunities to volunteer with the many fund raising races. Why not partner with one or two around your salon and offer free foot soaks and a 15 minute foot rub for a nominal donation. You could get fancy and offer gel polish or Rock star toes for a donation as well.. Many of these events are held at the schools and it is a great way to give back to the community and generate some new clients. Make sure to have plenty of business cards and a special offer for those that would like to visit your salon. I also raffled off a Free Pedicure at one dollar a chance and donated that money.

Stock your retail area with specialty foot care and make sure you are instructing your clients on how they will be using it at home. There are so many ways to integrate more foot care into your salon. With these hot toe tips, you'll be generating a lot of foot traffic.



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