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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Adventures at the Beauty Classic


     The Premiere Beauty Classic in Columbus is no Premiere Orlando, that's for sure. With only a handful of nail vendors it was somewhat dissapointing. The vendors that were there certainly had captive audiences and the nail classes, at least the ones I saw were packed. There is a need for more nail education at this show. Maybe we need to offer a few more options to nail vendors to entice them a bit more. I would offer a "Nail Village" where smaller nail companies could group together at a larger booth (at a reduced rate) and each have an area to demo and sell . I'm going to talk to the Premiere people to see if we could brainstorm a few ideas to make the show more nail friendly. In the meantime. I saw a lot of good friends at the show and sat in on some great classes. Stopping first at Light Elegance their booth was brimming with people and plenty of demos going on. They have perfected their gel polish, P+ with a final seal of approval from master chemist Jim McConnell. Light Elegance also offered two classes Light Elegance Acrylics with John Hauk and Let's get colorful with Jayne Berger.

I was lucky enough to get a demo from John Hauk at their booth.

Darcy Olin was busy sharing the proper placement of forms.

      Jaime Schrabeck offered 5 classes and had a full house for her "I'm Not Your Nail Girl" class sharing ways to polish your professional image.  Jaime doesn't pull any punches about her passion for this industry. Other classes included Massage for Manicurists, Marketing Your Salon Through Giving, Waterless Spa Pedicures and Enhancements Not Replacements.

Jaime, keeping it real!

Dee Dee Fetters Harper Drove up from Kentucky for the show
   I also ran into Michelle Torisk and we took in a Brisa Lite Class with Gina Cella. CND also offered Secrets of CND Shellac and CND Shellac and Vinylux Weekly Polish Art and Style.

Gina shares the benefits of Brisa Lite

  Since my travel schedule only allowed for one day at the show, it was a whirlwind day.OPI had Wendy Brownlee teaching Color at the Speed of Light and Amazing Mani's and Pampered Pedi's. Erica Schlabach was there offering a class on using an electric file in your pedicure services. Backscratchers Salon Systems offered two classes on Extreme Powder Glaze and Glass Glaze. LeChat offered demos all day long on the show floor featuring Connie Le and Blanca Reyes.Still 60+ hair classes compared to 16 nail classes?? We can do better than that...can't we?

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