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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Top Ten Things Your Clients Want

       Speaking to a colleague the other day I shared with her the fact that I had never been a beauty consumer. Well never spent my own, grown up money on beauty. Getting into this business so young it was hard for me to understand the value in what we do and to understand what drives beauty consumers in their choices. Then I saw this article in Inc magazine about a week ago that had some interesting thoughts I wanted to share. Before you market to your clients you really need to figure out what it is they want, not what you want to sell them. Coming at your marketing from the perspective of filling a need or want makes a whole lot of sense. I've taken what Inc says, and applied it to beauty world.
1. Bring New Perspectives and Ideas. If clients could do their own, hair, skin and nails as well as we do, we would be quite simply, be out of business. We must consistently seek out new solutions to beauty challenges in the form of new services and cutting edge products. Stay ahead of the beauty curve.
2 Be Willing to Collaborate. No matter how much expertise and skill you have clients do not want to be SOLD, even if it's fabulous. Today clients want to be part of the process. A partner in their own success. Be a good listener and responsive in your approach.
3 Have Confidence in Your Ability to Achieve Success. In other words, be awesome and believe in yourself and the products you use and sell. Clients can see right through skepticism and doubt and will lose faith in a hurry. Confidence in your ability and passionabout your products is contagious.

4. Listen, Really Listen to the Customer. How many times do you notice that someone in a sales or service transaction has listened only long enough to find a break in the conversation only to launch into their sales pitch. No regard for what it is you have said. Annoying isn't it? Don't do it to your clients. Be patient, forget about your goals and listen to what the customer's needs are because after all, isn't it really about them?
5. Understand ALL the Customers' Needs. Connect the dots between what you offer and the end result. It's not a pedicure, It's an I'm taking the time to relax and rejuvenate my soul and do something just for me because I'm worth it statement. Get to the emotional connection, the personal need being fulfilled.
6. Help the Customer Avoid Potential Pitfalls. With all the media attention focused on nail world understand clients are more aware than ever of risks. Don't avoid this area, be on the offensive explaining your expert knowledge of risks and offering what solutions you have in place to make sure these don't happen.
7. Craft a Compelling Solution. It is not enough to have the product or the service you must create a compelling reason why you have the best solution for them. Competition is tough, make sure you can explain, in detail why your solution to their beauty challenge is better.
8. Communicate the Purchasing Process. Don't dance around issues like price, availability, discounts and the like. Clients want straight talk, not smoke and mirrors, no surprises, no last minute additional costs.

9. Connect Personally with the Customer. Clients want to do business with someone they have a connection with and someone they trust. There is a direct correlation with amount of money they spend and their trust in you.
10. Provide Value that's Superior to Other Options. Last, at the bottom of the list, literally is price comparison. If you can't prove to the customer that spending money with you is the best business decision they should rightfully buy from someone else.
Look deeper into your client relations and selling process. Adding a few of these ideas will most certainly increase your bottom line and make you a better marketer.
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