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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Referrals on Fire

     September is a great month for referrals.  If you are not getting the amount of referrals you want it’s time to up your game. Contests are a super easy way to get more referrals. With all the social media today referrals can catch fire. Use social media to drive more clients to your salon.
You can structure your contest several ways. It can be simply the most referrals wins however rewarding efforts of all social media exposure will benefit your business in the long run.  Remember every contact you have on social media is a pathway to upwards of two hundred and fifty more.  Try using a point system to reward all social media uploads.  Making sure your clients tag you in their posts is an easy way to keep track. A simple spread sheet should be all you need to get started.
With Facebook reward each client with 2 points each time they post a new photo of their nails on their page.  Reward each like, comment and share with 1 point.  Encouraging engagement will help drive exposure.  Ask them to post a question with their photo like, How many likes can I get for this awesome set of nails? Or What do you think of this fantastic art or color? You will get a new notification with each interaction and the post will show up again in the feed of anyone that has commented.  This will give each post more longevity in the news feed.

     Reward each Instagram photo with 2 points each time they post s new photo of their nails. Give them a bonus point if they upload a video especially for the bling effect. Make sure they hashtag you or your salon and a few other nail related hashtags.  Again adding a question will get more engagement. Reward each like and comment with 1 point.
Do the same for each social media account your clients are uploading their nail photos or videos to.  Make sure to reward clients coming from a social media referral a special gift.  You can choose to give them a percentage off their first service or give them a bonus gift of cuticle oil or sample hand cream. I know it’s not always about the price so increase the value as a reward. Don’t forget to reward your clients as well, on top of the contest.  Run the contest for a couple of months, I don’t recommend longer than 3, it will be a bit of work to keep up with. Reward your top social media vixen with a free upgraded service, a splurge that they would not normally treat themselves to.  I would also reward the second and third place winner as well. Maybe a free gift card or free service.  It never hurts to reward all who participate even with a five dollars off their service. Thank yous can never be underestimated. They go a long long way in the appreciation department.  Don’t forget the referrals may not come today or tomorrow but at some point in the future so be generous in thanking your clientele for participating.

     Creating contests are a great way to build your business. Imagine if each one of your clients were to bring you just one new client you will double your business.  So harness the power of social media and create your own social media frenzy because that’s smart marketing.

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