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Monday, September 15, 2014

Go Digital

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     It’s time for a check up from the neck up. What are you really doing to grow your business? Are you all talk and no action? Are you on the whine bus with no cheese and crackers? So many want to throw the towel in before they even find the towel.  Here from Salon magazine online are the top 10 digital tools you should be using to get busy. Some of them are repeats, and yes they are repeats for a reason, are you doing them yet? If not jot down these top tools.
Get a Facebook business page.  Facebook shows up higher in search engines than LinkedIn even though LinkedIn is more for businesses. Set up your page, optimize it and link your salon website to it. Encourage your client to “like” it and your page shows up in their feed, advertising it to thousands of their friends.
      Sign up for Yelp. I searched salons in my town and found very few salons actually using this search friendly tool. The salon I formerly worked at only had two reviews and one was actually for me. Encourage your clients to post a review and start building a 5 star rating.
Show off your work on Pinterest. We are in such a visual business this one is a no brainer. Pin photos of your best work and soon you will have others repining your photos on their own boards for all to see. News spreads fast about you and your services.
Get Googling. Google is the search engine giant and sets the rules for how search engines operate.  There are review options as well, link options to your website and mapping tools to direct client right to your doorstep. 

     Look into a Google ad. You know, the ones on the right hand side of your search results.  Sign up forGoogle Adwords and you can have one too.  You can choose whether the link goes to your Facebook page or website. You only pay per click so it can be very economical.
Start an online newsletter.  You get them, everybody gets them so why not let your clients know what is going on in your salon? Most email managing software require you get permission to add them to your email list but once you have their away. Don’t bombard them seriously, make sure your email habits agree with their needs. Everybody is different so if you’re not sure, ask.                   Enewsletters are a great way to keep your clients engaged in what’s new. Study some of the ones you get, and open, and take away some great ideas.
Send out digital special offers, and no I don’t mean discounts. Special offers, special events and special new services or products can be enough  to entice a trip to your salon.
Don’t forget Twitter. Twitter is a great way to inform your clients what is going on with your business. Do you have open appointments in your day? Tweet about it. Encourage your clients to follow you and retweet your tweets.
Watch Beauty Tip Thursday Here

     Are you on YouTube? Another feed high on the search engine list your videos go to the head of the Google class. Youtube a new art technique, display your new colors or a new pedicure area. The list is endless. I know Maisie does a beauty tip every Thursday on YouTube educating her clients with the latest trends.
And last but not least do you offer online booking? I know people are leery of this, and everyone besides my mom has managed to figure this out. Most programs notify you of online bookings, so if your client has made a bit of a mess there is always the option of cleaning it up. Programs send out auto reminders to free up your time and cut down on no shows.
     This article failed to mention Instagram which is another huge social media platform for our industry. Adding hashtags about your services #gelpolish or #manicure  and don't forget to add your city so people searching in your town can find you.
So there you have it. The top ten digital tools to embrace according to SalonMagazine. So go digital, because that’s smart marketing.

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