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Monday, June 23, 2014

Can You Be Amazing?


      Every once in a while an article passes thru my feed that stops me in my tracks. Thank you Bekee Mozzillo for this one.  It’s called 7 reasons why you will never do anything amazing with your life and it has some cold hard truths if you’re brave enough to hear them. Written by Raymmar Tirado as a self-proclaimed seeker of truth this in your face rant smacks the reader right between the eyeballs. His challenge is to put down the phone, turn off the TV, look up from the text books and get some real life knowledge, by living. By getting street skills that you only develop by putting yourself on the line and recklessly pursuing your dreams, even if you are the only one that understands them. He has 7 reasons you won’t be amazing.

     Because you have not failed enough.  Putting yourself out there is a scary proposition and sure it is much safer to sit back and watch others. But it is only in the doing and the failing that you learn. Take the risks, learn through failure how to do things better next time.

     Because you care what others think about you. Following your passion is a one lane highway. One so many others are unwilling to navigate out of fear. Fear of being different, being judged, being authentic. You must start to care about the right things, like investing in yourself and your dreams. Stop comparing yourself to others and find the joy in the journey, yours not theirs.
    Because you think you are smarter than you are. Just because you have knowledge doesn’t mean you know. Do you have knowledge in the right areas? Have you studied and mastered the right skills? Not what society is force feeding you, real, applicable knowledge. Study life and apply the lessons to better your position in the world.
     Because you don’t read.  Everything you need to know and learn is in the written word somewhere. It is NOT on Bravo or reality TV. Turn off the tube or the laptop and research the written word. Learn how others have failed their way to success by studying their journey. We can fail faster by using the failures of others as our Cliff notes. Make it a point to read daily, something in your field or related. Find what it is that if you knew, you could soar.

     Because you lack curiosity. Did you lose your childlike wonder? Do your own research and find your own truths. Scrutinize every bit of media and look behind  it. Every source has an agenda, a belief they want you to embrace. Understand the motive behind the media and form your own knowledge base. Ask yourself why they say so and what if they’re wrong. 

     Because you don’t ask enough questions. You can learn everything you need to know by asking questions, the right questions. Question everything, question yourself and don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo. Don’t ignore the knowledge around you every minute of every day. There are lessons to be had if you are willing to ask the questions. 

     Because you can’t handle the truth. The more I know, the more I learn I don’t know.  We must be willing to admit we don’t know what we don’t know.  The truth is all around us, taunting us to recognize it and embrace it. Learning that we don’t know it all can be liberating, freeing. And understanding this truth can eliminate the one thing standing in our way, ourselves.

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