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Monday, June 9, 2014

Snapchatting Your Story

     We’re always looking for a way to be on the cutting edge and stand out from the pack. I just listened to a salon business podcast about using Snapchat to grow your business. If you have teenagers you already know this social media darling. It has been around since 2011 and like all other platforms high schoolers were the first to use it. Within the last year, like other outlets, businesses have picked up on this unique platform to be able to interact with clients in a much more personal way and offer behind the scenes, in the moment content.  It has become a great way to share your salon story. So you send a photo or video that disappears within 1-10 seconds and once the viewer gets it they can choose to share it respond to it or not. The time sensitive format tends to create a sense of urgency within the viewer to react quickly as snaps only have a 24 hour life span. It is promotion in the moment.  

      Integrate Snapchat into your other social media channels to inform people about current events. There seems to be an increase of use in the evening hours and on the weekends. There is also a peek after lunch, when people are hitting that wall and disengage from work to check in with social media for a break. You can set up a series of Snaps, say a gel polish application or nail art in the moment and at the end include a special offer with a code to be used or booked within the 24 hour period. This encourages clients to check in regularly. You can build in promotions or simply inform and educate. Snapchat is a much more personal way to interact with clients. Very few beauty professionals are using Snapchat so you will get a lot of traction becoming an early adopter. Like any other channel you must go all in and devote the time, at least a few months to build a following and to gain interaction. Have fun and you will soon learn what Snaps outperform others. For salon owners with staff , have several staff members Snapchatting your salon at the same time. One person doesn’t have to run it and your clients are getting many different views of what is happening in your salon. Because this is such a visual business it is a great outlet to be using and sharing. It recreates that personal interaction without having to be in the salon. It empowers users to be creative and clients feel that special connection. It’s building relationships, always the goal. Let go of that traditional fear of social media postings and create conversations in a more organic fashion. Content can be constantly created through photos, which get the most engagement. Set up a Snapchat account with a user name and email or phone number and drive people to Snapchat from your other social media sites.
      Post things like don’t miss Snapchat Saturdays on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and maybe share things like favorite nail art of the week or best nail restyle. Snapchat events to personally connect with clients that could not be there to make them sure not to miss the next event. Let people k now you are sharing unique information and specials on Snapchat. Gauge your Snapchat success by client response and visits unique to Snapchat offers. You can also track shares and views. Even though the Snapchat demographic is mostly 17-25 it is reaching into the 30 somethings evolving like other sites. You may need to share with your clients how to use it, but then you have empowered them to adopt the new technology and stay on trend, and doesn’t everybody want to keep up? Research also shows early adopters of technology are generally a stronger financial demographic. So take the time, give it three months at least,  have fun  and you can really build your business on Snapchat, cuz that’s smart marketing.
Listen to the podcast here
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  1. I must be old school, somewhat! lol I barely have time to go to the bathroom during working hours. This would take too much time away from my day. I can see where it would be great for someone trying to build a business!