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Monday, October 28, 2013

Spa Royalty in Philly

     This weekend I am at the international congress of aesthetics in Philadelphia. I will be speaking today on building a profitable nail department so if you are in the area it will be great to see you. I spent all of today at the show walking the show floor and taking classes. The opening ceremony to the show was pretty inspirational and you know I am all about that. Apparently last years show was right when Sandy was hitting so they scaled back the show to one day but they offered any attendees that had bought tickets free attendance this year which is pretty awesome. William Strunk the publisher of Dermascope opened the show with his amazing journey of how he got into this industry. 
Basically through marrying a spa girl William became a licensed aesthetician and massage therapist and never looked back. He has been counseling, educating and motivating beauty professionals ever since. He shared his passion for this industry and gave us a sneak peek at his class Keys to Success. Right up my alley of course. 

      Some keys he shared with us this morning were about Self empowerment, something we speak to a  lot on this show. Developing power and influence through your own thoughts and actions. Self improvement, continually developing skills, confidence and resources. Self control, the maturity to develop awareness and control emotions, desires and actions. Another thing that I just loved that he shared was that we all have the innate resources to succeed as the amazing force of nature we were born to be. We are all the CEO of our own destiny and have the power to manifest opportunity. And lastly embrace change. Our state of mind controls our reality, our sense of self. Shy won't pay the bills, it has no value, don't choose it. Each of us is gifted with power to Choose our perspective to change our state of mind, Choose our motivation to change our behavior and choose our discipline to change our results. An interesting tidbit he shared also was that studies show 6% of the people are making the decisions for the rest. The people that get up early, stay up late...this is starting to sound familiar right? Be the 6% don't give up. Then it was onto the Crystal Award Presentation given to those professionals that work selflessly and endlessly to improve the standards of the aesthetics industry. 

     This year's recipient was Susanne Warfield and she also shared her amazing journey in a presentation called creating your legacy. Her road much like many of us was certainly not smooth and narrow. 

     She was kind of all over the board (even in Cleveland :)) but as she shared this journey everything that was presented to her early in her career served her well along the way and carved out an incredible career. One of her slides with a quote I posted has already gone around the world. 

     "Legacy is not what's left tomorrow when you're gone. It's what you give, create, impact and contribute today while you're here that then happens to live on" by Rasheed Ogunlaru.  Needless to say it was an inspirational morning for me. What an incredible opportunity to hear from some of the formative people in the spa industry. Even though it's my second weekend n a row away from home it has been well worth it to get these great thoughts in my head and burned in my heart. I took a few more classes but you'll have to check out my blog later in the week to get all the goodies.

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