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Monday, November 4, 2013

Ready for Holiday Retail?

     With Thanksgiving less than one month away, that can only mean one thing. Yes the holiday season will be here before we know it. Thanksgiving is later than usual this year, putting Christmas less than four weeks after that. Don't get caught unprepared as the holiday season sneaks up on all of us. Expand outside the bottle this year in your holiday offerings. Take a concept or two from the master retailers and implement them into your salon or spa.
Pay close attention to how the expert retailers are moving holiday retail and services this season. While no one likes to see the season too soon in stores there is a valid reason to be ahead of the curve. How many times have you put out your holiday display early December only to hear "I'm already done with my shopping." Heck I saw one of my friends on Facebook is half way finished with her shopping. Get your offerings out there, before the holiday money set aside is spent, wrapped and under a tree. 

     Here are a few fresh ideas to think about.
Ladies night out Mani Pedi Party. Offer a special deal, redeemed January and February only, the quieter months. 2 or more friends can enjoy an evening of bonding and pampering at your salon. Throw in a few snacks and beverages and it's a nail party. Set aside an evening where they can have the whole salon to themselves to relax and rejuvenate. If you work by yourself team up with another professional nearby and share the profits.
Set up point of purchase impulse retail displays. You know, the ones they put at every check out. This is a great area for stocking stuffers. Nail files, clippers, mini polishes, base coats, top coats, hand creams, lip balms purse or sample size or fill a grab bag for under $10.00 bundling a few items. Many manufacturers have sample sizes on sale for retail or gifting your clients.
Have several price points for clients to choose from. Under $10.00, $15-25, and $30-50 and 75 on up. I know it sounds crazy but some of my best sellers are $500+ gift cards. Clients usually by these for themselves and appreciate the added savings. Every $250 gift card gets a free $25 card, $500 gift card gets a $50 gift card, $1000 gift card gets a free $100 gift card and on up. These extra gift cards become a great gift idea for your clients to introduce your salon to someone new.
I like to include a retail product with a gift card, Nothing fun about opening up an envelope for the holidays. Think about a great foot cream to go with Pedicure Gift cards. A hand cream or cuticle oil paired up with manicures or Fills.

     I also offer packages this time of year. For every 6 services purchased they get one free. Cards are easy enough to print up on your computer and hole punch when they get the service. I let them share the cards with a friend or family member another way to introduce a possible new guest to your services.
Don't forget to share your holiday cheer and gift ideas on all your social media sights. Make up a small flyer of all your gift opportunities and hand them out to every client for their one stop shopping experience. There is really nothing better than the gift of beauty because that's smart marketing.

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