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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Overdue Update

     So it's been a busy few days. All of my past business and marketing experience was truly put to the test this past month. After much research, thought and prayer, I decided to forgo opening another salon and booth rent. I know this may sound like a case of excusitis...with good reason. Looking at opening a salon space is no small feat, believe me, I know the challenges. The space I originally looked at had a pretty hefty price tag for the build out. Plus I had to rethink with everything else on my plate...did I really want to take on all the responsibility of running a salon, on my own again. I really had to look at several factors. My new responsibilities as co-host of Nail Talk Radio, by growing speaking and training opportunities and my outside writing certainly all take time, such a precious commodity these days. So having given up the idea of opening a salon the search was on for a new home. Mindful of the fact that I have not worked for anyone else as an employee for the past 13 years I was not quite sure if that was the route I wanted to go, so employee was out. The booth rent situations in my town are quite limited so I contacted a salon owner I spoke with about a year ago just to touch base. She had changed her stand on no booth rent and while she was still not willing to offer it, she was willing to work with me as an independent contractor. I spoke with my accountant about it and honestly there really was no advantage to me to work this way. While she was willing to pay me a higher commission I would be responsible for all of my taxes, with limited write off expenses. Plus her salon was an entire community away and I had several long standing clients that told me we would have to break up, it was just too far. So the search continued. On a fluke I walked into a small salon literally right around the corner from my current location on a Wednesday and while the shop was normally closed I happened to catch the owner there. I asked if there was any openings and she quickly told me that she only does booth rent. Perfect! The salon was adorable, very clean and very upscale.

      After a few details were sorted out I am happy to say I have a new home. It was a bit overwhelming to move all of my things, geesh we acquire a lot of stuff over the years don't we? My first day was yesterday and my clients LOVE it. They feel they have been given an upgrade :) There are a few more things to work out. I don't have a dedicated skin care area as of right now, however the owners husband is quite handy and has already talked about future plans to build one in the near future. So that's it in a nutshell. I'm a happy camper :)

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