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Monday, June 17, 2013

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World

      Athena asked me if I could think of a question or topic for Michael, one that might wake techs up. I thought for a minute and the first thing that popped into my head was what is truly holding us back. It is a great question. So much of my mission for the show as well as in my professional life is to help people find the small clues, speaking in whispers, that are keeping them from what they want. It's not always what is shouting to us, that we recognize and can choose to either take action or continue to ignore what we internally know and look to place blame externally, on circumstance or luck, or social status. Heck some people even think they were born in the wrong time or place. But we were all designed to be exactly where we are. We are where we are because of our thoughts, that become our actions and choices.
When I was at the live listening party a tech came up to me and told me she is successful today because of me. She shared that my one post, In order to change your world you must change yourself. literally changed her life. It was so powerful, something so seemingly insignificant moved her mountains.

      So with that said, my belief that what holds us back is ourselves. Our thoughts, what we believe and most importantly what we don't believe. I am reading a book called The Key to yourself. It speaks of the law of attraction, yet it was written in 1952. Unfortunately I think a lot of people got an unrealistic mindset about the law of attraction from "The Secret". This book did such a disservice to these principles. This author led her audience to believe the secret was some magic potion that would instantly change your life. This couldn't be further from the truth. Changing a mindset of negativity, ill health, scarcity and the like takes work, weekly, daily, sometimes hourly work. We all have false beliefs appearing real, fear. What we have been told by our parents, by our partners, by society does not dictate who we are. The law of attraction is not a new, or even new age philosophy. It is based in science and psychology. From the book Bloodworth breaks down the law like this. "Every thought that enters the conscious mind is subjected to our reasoning power; if we accept an idea or thought as true, it is then carried to the subconscious mind to act on and is brought forth into visible expression as a part of our physical condition and immediate surroundings. Thus we find in its last analysis the conscious mind decides our fate. So to control our health and environment we must control our thought.
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Check out her book here Key To Yourself
She writes your present conditions are the result of your past thinking. You will be what you are thinking today. It is law. What are your thoughts bringing you. It is no different that planting a garden. You cannot plant tomato seeds and expect to get cucumbers. The seeds you are planting in your mind are creating your life. Plant seeds of success, health and vitality, love and relationships. Speak prosperity into your life and your business. It may seem odd at first but what have you got to lose? Maybe a whole bunch of negativity to make room for the positive in your world. Change your thoughts, change your world.

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  1. Millie about a 4 months ago I was introduced to The Secret , I found Nail Talk Radio and when I heard you talking about it I am living by The Law of Attraction and recommend it to the world!!