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Monday, June 10, 2013

Brides and Grads and Dads, Oh My!

      'Tis the season of summer specials. Are you ready? Brides can be a very lucrative business. If you are thinking just about the day of you are thinking way too small. Brides need a beauty schedule for their nails just as much as for every other part of their special day. Start with a bridal consult. Does the bride have nice natural nails you need to just nurture along or is she in desperate need of a growth strategy? Will she need a full set? Working with brides in the months preceding the wedding can be quite rewarding both emotionally and financially. You must remind her she needs to be ready for her close up. Hydrating and anti-aging treatments will be in order for her hands to look their absolute best. Set up a schedule 3 months out, 6 weeks out, two weeks out and day of appointments. Remember the bride more than likely has a bridal party and will need to have all her ladies accommodated.
      Partner with a local restaurant or caterer and offer snacks in a party atmosphere. Bridal parties usually bring their own food and beverage in, why not offer this as a service and charge accordingly? Taking this task off their hands will be something they truly appreciate. Don't forget the groom and groomsmen. They can be scheduled in a few days ahead to make sure they are camera ready as well. Put together a look book with bridal ideas from natural to fashion forward and everything in-between. Having this at the ready shows them you are a true professional. You might even want to have a few professional shots of work you have already done. Network with bridal shops, photographers, jewelers and wedding planners to market to future brides. I always offered a special deal with each of these businesses for a free consultation.

      Graduates need to look their best at this transitional time from school to work. Get them ready for the business world with a nail update. Interviewers will be paying close attention to every detail and groomed nails are like the icing on the cake. A consult here is in order as well. Ask what they are willing to commit to keeping their nails in great shape? Are they a natural girl that will need weekly manicures or would gel polish be more suitable for their busy lifestyle? Enhancements are also an option for those willing to commit the time and money to have their nails looking fabulous at all times. Find out their comfort level with trends and guide them toward the best colors and fashions.
Last but never least what are your Fathers day specials? It's not too late to do an email blast to your database offering man friendly services. How about a Manscaping makeover? Set aside one night after Fathers day for a men's only night. Set up TV's with sporting events and a great selection of craft beers. Turn your nail cave into a man cave for an evening and you just might be surprised how many men will rebook.
     Once you get them over the initial hesitation and they realize just how wonderful these pampering services can be they will be on board. Design services with men in mind, none of the fru-fru fragrances. Men friendly scents of musk and citrus are always a hit. Partner with a local massage therapist to come in and offer chair massages, or full massages if you have the room. Sports themed services like a runners pedi or golf pedi can include reflexology or an extra long foot massage. Knowing foot health is important to their performance may be the tipping point. They may even want to get couple services and spa with their girlfriend or wife. Couple services are very lucrative and men are likely to spend more when they are in the mix. Summer is a great time with so many opportunities. Planning your summer with these new clients in mind is just smart marketing.

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