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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ready? Set? Show!

     Have you ever gotten back from a trade show only to realize you didn’t see half the people you wanted to see, didn’t stop at all the booths you wanted to and bought duplicate gel colors?

If this is too much of your story you need a show plan. Shows are too costly anymore to not take full advantage with a plan of attack to get the most bang for your show buck. I know it’s kind of dorky but put together a show notebook and your inner nerd will thank me when you get home.

Go online right now, ok later tonight or tomorrow morning and download a show brochure, a hard copy. Show brochure When you get your brochure don’t read it, study it. Choose your classes first. Don’t fill your whole day up. Make sure you have enough time to visit the vendors too.

Map out the best plan of action for seeing all the booths you want to see. Find the booth number on the show map and organize them by number so you are not jumping all over the place. Of course there’s always the start at one end and go to the other but with Premiere having so much great education and being so large, it is like trying to see the Mall of America in one day. Plan smart and get all the vendors you want to see on your list, if you have time left over you can back track and look at the new or smaller vendors.
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Map out a plan for who you want to network with and find out where they will be. I am going to plug Deb’s Networking event. A ticket to the BBQ is a great way to network with the Nail industry movers and shakers. All the top techs in one place at the same time, a great use of your time and money. The goodie bag you get has tons of coupon savings so make sure to do your shopping after the barbeque and take advantage of all the offers Deb has meticulously gathered just for the event. Go to the shoppe section in the events. Also don't miss the Nail Talk Radio Live viewing party. Live and blog talk and on Ustream.
     Take some time before you go to do a quick inventory of what you already have and take your list with you. There is nothing worse than coming home from the show with duplicates.

Set yourself a budget. You should invest maybe 30% of what you bring on an average month for new show items. Make sure you get any promotional or marketing pieces with the items so you can fully market these new items when you get home.

Last but certainly not least I have put together notebook templates plus a Free press release you can download and customize to send out to your local media contacts to get yourself some press and continue to brand yourself as the go to nail guru in town.
Show Notes

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