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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And Our Special Guest Is...

          It was great being a guest on Nail Talk Radio this past Monday. It's hard to believe it's coming on its three year anniversary. I was a fan early on, an early adapter of this new technology. A Radio show? About Nails? Really? How is this ever going to work? Well three years later, with hundreds of guests and thousands of dollars in prizes given away Nail Talk Radio is just beginning to hit full stride. I remember how nervous I was the first time on as a guest. I thought I might pass out from hyperventilating. Even now, I still get a twinge of stage fright just before the show. Part of that's due to some crazy event that happens with less than a minute to air. If you could only peek behind the scenes.. Last week we were all set to go and Athena lost the feed from Skype. Not sure anyone noticed but I actually opened the show. When I heard radio silence I knew I had to go for it. The show's producer Braden and I joke about having the weekly heart attack. It is, after all, LIVE radio. If it can go wrong, sometimes it does. Callers get dropped, recorded audio is garbled, background noise creeps in, guests forget to call in or get their times mixed up. We are on an international platform. But all in all it has been an amazing experience. We have all grown so much as radio personalities. A title I never imagined I would have. On my guest appearance show, I shared my background and what drives my passion to give up my Sunday evenings to be a part of this groundbreaking show. We went through the usual, how did you get your start to what drives your passions about advanced education and then something amazing happened. Athena, the show's host cut into one of my answers and told me there were live callers that wanted to ask me questions. How cool is that? It was funny because many times I provide questions for the guest and this night would be no different. I emailed my list of questions and prepared a few notes to try and stay on track. We do work off a script, even though it may not sound like it all the time. It can be challenging to have so many people on the air and not talk over each other. We usually have headsets on and can see each other most of the time.

  Just another Sunday night :)
      We also use the private chat feature in the chat room to communicate behind the scenes directions and timing. So back to my live callers. I knew there would be a few people but I was overwhelmed at the amount of callers that wanted my advice. There were also a slew of questions in the chat room. It was hard keeping up with them all. I hope I provided good information and encouragement. I know this last guest appearance has provided encouragement for me. Even I, the marketing guru, have my days where I wonder if it's all worth it. The tremendous amount of time I put into my blog posts, books, speaking and consulting gigs is no small feat. But with the amazing feedback I get from listeners and guests, I am hooked on helping. I know sometimes we all just need that push in the right direction, that support when we feel like quitting. So I thank Nail Talk Radio and all my listeners for their continued support to allow me to invade their world for a few minutes a week. It is an honor and a privilege and one I do not take lightly.
Listen to the show here

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