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Monday, April 1, 2013

Something From Nothing

       This week's segment is about nothing. Well not really nothing, it's about how to do nothing, or why. I know each and every week I have a call to action, a way to get your marketing game on and go get those clients. While preparing for my segment last night I heard a song on Pandora, which led me to YouTube another song, and another, and yes I spent all night listening to music. So what does this have to do with marketing. Well, I think if you are like me, and most of our listeners are, we are the type A, ten per centers. The nailahilocs, glitter junkies, nail art video addicts. I spend almost every free minute when I'm not working, working. On research, on pinning on Pinterest, photogging on Instagram or nailcreeping YouTube. I never stop, and its madness. So what's a nail junkie to do? Nothing. Taking frequent breaks can lead to higher productivity and increased creativity while skipping breaks can lead to exhaustion and mental fatigue.. You've all been there, your struggling with a challenge, you've been stuck for hours, maybe days. The moment you put the task aside and give it a rest you return with renewed concentration and coping skills. Happens all the time. Much like an athlete needs to rest in-between training intervals mental concentration is similar to a muscle that becomes fatigued after constant use. Take a rest before you reach the end of your mental rope, when you start drifting off, daydreaming and having trouble concentrating. Do something that recharges you in the form of doing nothing.

     I know what you're thinking, I feel guilty of I'm not pushing myself all the time, it is after all the only way to get ahead isn't it? To work while your competition is resting? There is an old story of a contest between two lumberjacks. One lumberjack works nonstop never resting on his log. The other takes frequent breaks, mysteriously disappears and reappears to continue sawing. Which one gets through the log faster? Well yes it is a trick question, the one that takes frequent breaks. And why is it the lumberjack that took frequent breaks got through his log faster? He went to sharpen his saw. Everyone needs downtime to sharpen their saw. We all have a different mental capacity. Some people need a few frequent breaks, some need entire recharge days. How can you tell when you need a recharge day?
Your sleep habits change. From insomnia to nightmares any change in sleep habits indicate high stress and anxiety
You "blow up" over new stresses. Any overreaction to stress you usually take in stride indicates an already high level of stress.
Your fuse with family and friends is getting shorter. If your inside circle has to walk on eggshells, it's probably time for a break.
      If you do decide to take a break for a few hours or a day determine what you'd like to do in advance. Maybe you need to catch up on sleep. Busy schedules can cut us off from loved ones so plan a day to catch up with a close friend or relatives. Shopping, reading, mindless TV, anything that takes your mind away from work, you decide. You will come back to the tasks at hand with refreshed enthusiasm and renewed optimism. And once rested up, you'll be a better marketer, for sure.

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