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Monday, March 4, 2013

Marketing Manners

      What's the matter with people today? How many times do you hear that asked or see it posted? Social media has busted opened the door and let us see behind the scenes into personal as well as business minds. For the entire world to see. Are you minding your p's and cyber q's? I have to admit growing up my mom had a copy of Amy Vanderbilt never further than an arm's reach away. For those if you who just said Amy Who? Amy Vanderbilt was the foremost authority on etiquette and literally wrote the book. The ever changing landscape of social media had allowed people and businesses to post, at every moment of every hour with no etiquette filter. It's not uncommon to see an internet flare up over a tweet or post deemed inappropriate or worse. Just because you're marketing through social media doesn't mean you don't have to follow some basic rules. The screen is never enough cover to hide behind when the junk hits the net. So what's a modern day marketer to do? Your social media marketing personality is what your clients are connecting with. Remember what your mom taught you, if you can't say something nice..oh wait that was Thumper.. I came across a few articles on social media etiquette and want you all to post these on the fridge old school, or at least near your computer. And remember if you wouldn't feel right saying what you are about to post to a room full of friends and colleagues, chances are you shouldn't post it either. Peter Friedman founder of LIveworld, an online content management company explains it this way. “Social media is your brand’s party online, you are the host… [so] ask yourself, How would I behave if this were a party I was throwing?”

      Don't talk only about yourself. Share manufacturer updates, colleagues achievements and community . It's not really all about you.
Create a warm and fuzzy place. Social media is the best place to get personal, just not too personal. Do you or your staff have an interesting hobby? or have you achieved an interesting personal goal like completing a marathon or further education? Clients want to relate to people, not titles.
Admit when you screw up. It happens. Own it, fix it and move on.
Mingle but don't get OCD. Yes it is a good idea to respond to posts and tweets but you can't insert yourself into every conversation, nor should you. If the same comment is being made, no need to add your two cents. As far as tweets Friedman claims three per day is the sweet spot, and don't forget to thank people for the retweets, it's just good manners.
Don't argue with your guests. Should a visitor on your page decide to air a complaint to post a negative comment make sure you act and not react. You can also take the time to see if some of your supporters will come to your cyber rescue. People after all just want to be heard, and sometimes they just might be right. Don't ignore the opportunity to learn from feedback.
LInked in has an entire list of do's and don'ts you can check out on their site like,
Will anyone care about this content besides me? Will I offend anyone and if so does it matter? Did I spell check? Big pet peeve of mine. Will I be OK with everyone seeing this? Is this an emotional dump, better stated in another outlet? Check out linked in for the rest of their recommendations. Anyone of these errors can cost you a client, and last I checked I need every last one of mine. So market smart and play nice.

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