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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Make the Shift

      There has to be a shift. Big or small, unintentional or deliberate. You must decide to do what you do for you and the true benefit of others. Marketing an unauthentic, narcissistic ,semiprofessional, anything will soon be discovered for what it is. The shift for me has been building. It really ramped up when I closed my salon. What will I do with all this extra mental space. I knew I wanted to share my experience the how was another story. I can write, speak, teach all those things are great but how do I truly touch another's life? You must create change to create the shift. This lent season created a shift opportunity. I don't usually give things up, I add things. I decided to add an additional devotional to my morning. I am no different than anyone else that has personal struggles with life and career. Who do I want to be when I grow up, if I ever do? I want to do what I love and make a ton of money doing it, how is that going to happen? I deserve to be well paid and well cared for and loved. But it seems sending that out to the universe has somehow clogged the gateway. The Shift. Worrying about the riches can prevent the flow of riches. I am not naive enough to believe money is not important, money matters. It just doesn't matter as much as we think. What matters is what we give, who we help, how we make a difference. Things money can't buy. And if you think for one minute a client across the table doesn't sense if you are all about the money you are wrong. Dead wrong.

      The energy has to be of servitude, we are after all in a service business, to serve. My niece recently called me during an especially difficult time and asked me if I had any pamper time available. Without hesitation I added a facial and reflexology appointment to my already long Saturday. It was so rewarding to watch the stress melt away. She asked me after if I enjoy it as well. Leave it to the innocence of youth to cut to a question of truth. I thought for a moment and said absolutely. I love healing others, being a resource for them to recharge, reset. It is a gift I do not take lightly. I really do take my own advice. I am mindful to stay in the moment, especially with massage work. To drift to my own thoughts is to cheat my guest. So this shift in thinking has brought me signs that it is the right path. To do things for others, without the thought of immediate repayment, or any repayment at all. We have the opportunity to share many times a day but we need to get out of our own heads and be open and aware of those around us. Zig Zigler said we can have everything we want if we just help others get what they want. When we are the go-giver, opportunities come to us. Things that we never knew existed present themselves. So instead this week of crunching numbers and pushing your physical limitations to squeeze every last dollar out of the day, make a shift. Do something for another without it having any benefit to you or any chance of repayment. As I watched the Oscars last night I once again was touched by a speech. Ben Affleck was snubbed by the Academy for a best director nomination. He was however tremendously victorious.

      What a shift. How he chose to handle the cards he was dealt was a lesson in humility. He thanked everyone around him for his success. Especially those that helped him when he could do nothing for them, couldn't even get them a job. He said "You have to work harder than you think you possibly can, you can't hold grudges, it's hard but you can't hold grudges. It doesn't matter that you get knocked down in life, that's gonna happen. All that matters is that you gotta get up." Words he lived by and won by.

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