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Monday, March 11, 2013

America's Beauty Show 2013

      I spoke with a lot of companies yesterday and today about their new products but tonight's top billing goes to CND and Cuccio. You'll have to read my blog to get the rest of the story. I was able to interview several top industry innovators so far. I spoke with Elaine Watson yesterday and can I tell you how much I love this girl? We are so lucky to have Elaine behind the scenes developing products as a fellow nail tech. Cuccio Veneer and polish actually debuted at the show and what a beautiful line. From the packaging to the colors to the brush to the design no detail was too small for this gal. She took everything that bugged her about other lines and brought together these innovations into this amazing new line. The formulations are richly pigmented and long lasting. Her gel polish process is truly easy as one two three with her easy breezy packaging and labeling. The Veneer cures in either LED or UV and her brand new dual purpose light covers it all. Her polish line is beautiful and definitely professional only, guaranteed to not be coming to a drug store near you. Check out more on my blog coming this week.
     Today I met with Jan Arnold. A big thank you to those that answered my post on what questions they wanted to ask Jan. She brought me up to speed with what CND has been up to for 2013. They started the year with a world summit. They gathered together ambassadors and distributors from over  65 countries and laid out their business plan for 2013. All their materialsp are now on the Ipad so gone are the days of the 3 ring binder for CND. They have an app for all of their educational tools. They also announced the Shellac certification program to reward salons that are using it correctly. They are also introducing an app where they are having 400 events across the country where nail professionals can go, bring their tools and get certified on the spot.  4 times a year they will be sending updates merchandising tools, client tools, business cards and support tools to help the nail professional promote what they are doing in the salon. Jan was adamant about telling me at CND they are 100% dedicated to the nail professional.
Jan's nails
     They will NEVER migrate to mass retailers because when companies sell a little here,  a little there in the retail market it erodes the profession. As others jump out to retail, CND is deepening their commitment to the nail professional. They are not about to blur the line between retail and professional. The CND website continues to send massive amounts of clients out to certified professionals. 2013 is the year of new color for Shellac. They are planning to launch a total of 19 new colors. 5 spring 4 summer 6 fall, a November collection of intimates and a holiday collection. With every major collection they'll have dedicated additives, pigments and effects. I also spoke to our friends Jim and Lezlie McConnell at light elegance, Holly Schippers, Young nails, dashing diva, Gina Silvestro, Carla Collier at Orly and so many more. You'll have to tune into my blog to see all the great photos and company news. Look for the answers to your questions for Jan this week on the Nail Talk Radio page. Also a shout out to all the gals that came out to our meet and greet tonight, it was so great to see you all.


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