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Friday, March 15, 2013

Americas Beauty Show part 2

 I spent some time at the Orly booth with my good friend and awesome nail artist Carla Collier getting the goods on what's new for Spring. Neons are all the rage with a beautiful assortment this season. She also did a demo of the new Shade Shifter.

What a cool innovation. She started with a beautiful new pink shade. Two coats.

Then she added the Shade Shifter. It goes on black and cures clear. She also added a glitter coat for fun.
When your nail is cold it stays dark and as it warms up it reveals the color underneath. Like the old school mood rings
She also showed off their newest innovation the Mini Led light. This little gem is great for travel or quick fixes. You can press a button to open the case and have a mini "stand" shown. Or you can close the case up and use it for spot cures with the light coming through the little window you can see at the bottom. Made the size of a cell phone is operates on a cell phone battery and can charge via usb cord. A must  have for all the traveling techs out there!

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