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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


     I have seen a few posts in social media this year about picking one word to live the year around. Wow, as a writer this is such a challenge. I love words. There are too many to pick from, way too many. So as I contemplated this during the homily at church this morning...yes I was paying attention and yes today is a holy day of obligation..I was keying in on certain words that Fr. Dan was using. Fr Dan is a gifted speaker, which means he is a gifted writer as well. Pretty sure he writes his own stuff, however divinely inspired.
     Discipline? Love that one..Encarta says: Training to ensure proper behavior, order and control, calm controlled behavior, conscious control over lifestyle, activity or subject, punishment, church rules.., I wrote a blog post about discipline a few years back. It was one of my very first segments on the radio as well. A possibility.
          Let's see, Faith? That's always a good one, a little overused perhaps. Encarta says: belief or trust, religion or religious groups, trust in God, set of beliefs, loyalty... All good.   
         Next up... Grace? Really like that one. I tend to like the ones that can be used as both a noun and a verb...and a niece.. I like multitasking like every other woman. Being my youngest nieces name though...that might show favoritism. Encarta says: Noun...Elegance, politeness, generosity of spirit, prayer at mealtimes, pleasing quality, gift of God to humankind, freedom from sin. Verb : contribute pleasingly to something, add elegance to something, ornament music. Another possibility.
     Lastly, Resolve. Encarta says: Noun, Determination, firmness of purpose, decision.  Verb, Make decision, solve difficulty, settle arguments, dispel doubts, change. Hmmm... I think I have a winner. With Resolve I can sink my teeth into a few areas I struggle with. Decision making... or lack thereof, loss of focus AKA for me spinning too many plates at one time. Solving difficulties that crop up and steal my focus. Dispelling doubts, most especially my own doubts about my own abilities. And of course change, change is the best vehicle for moving forward. So yes I think resolve will be a good word of the year for me. I'm going to post it everywhere to remind me.  If you decide to choose a word, post below and share it with me. Happy 2013! I enter it with RESOLVE!

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