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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Random Rant

     I am so fortunate in this business to have many friends and supporters. As in any life calling, there are the haters. I've been told you are really not getting anywhere until you have a few. Being my naive self I though this would not apply to me but alas, once again, I was wrong. An "incident" happened a few weekends ago that really rattled me, for a moment. I was innocently (or so I thought) posting a random thought on another persons timeline and was blasted. Apparently Timelines are a personal platform that one is not to disagree or contradict? Geeze..really? Social media, the last time I checked was a Dialogue.....not a Monologue. And if you can't stand the cyber heat,  maybe you need to stay out of the Internet cafe? IDK just a thought? So not allowing myself to give this person or their rant any more of my precious head space I quickly analyzed the situation to ask myself is there any truth in it?
     I thought about posting this huge rant and the person in question, but I will not. Not my style. After looking at it a second time I realized it's batshit crazy. I did however think about it and now that I have better perspective, and have cooled down, I have decided to comment.

     So was my post malicious in any way? Maybe it was bratty, catty. OK Why did I feel that way toward this person? Then I reread a bit of her blog and remembered why I had such bad mojo with this person. I should have stepped away.
From her blog
"Let’s get one thing perfectly clear: There is nothing “beautiful” about the beauty industry…"
Really? Maybe this is where it started. I have been a beauty industry lifer, literally. I started as a 15 year old child and have never strayed too far from this industry is the most beautiful industry ever. I have loved everything about this journey, even the challenging times. Any business is tough and has it's own learning curves, grow up! If there is not anything beautiful for you here, no one is forcing you to stay. Let's see next...
"99% of salon owners and employees are jerks in this industry-trust me, I know first-hand from personal experience; it’s made me tougher, stronger, and less forgiving of offenses."
 Wow 99% That's a pretty big statistic to throw around. I don't know what circles this person is hanging in but obviously we have completely different acquaintances. Are there some jerks? Ummm...sure, case in point. Here's a secret...every business  has them. But don't come into MY business (from another) and start throwing around generalizations and hate. Uh I go. Sorry. I guess I am so passionate about this industry and all the wonderful, caring, amazing people in it that I took a huge offense to this statement. Plus this person is in school to do something else non-industry related. Another pet peeve of mine. People that get into this business, complain about it, on their way to another career. Just passing through, stinking up the joint.

"Obviously, I’m not here to gain popularity or fame, I’m here to talk turkey, even if it steps on some toes and exposes the divas for what they really are."

Oh, and it's easy to "Talk turkey" from behind an anonymous blog that you brag about being popular, when you didn't want to be? forward to my cyberspanking... Yes, I guess I do have an attitude about this person who shall remain nameless. Should I have commented on her Timeline? Gee I don't know, I didn't get arrested by the Timeline police, and I wasn't in hiding. Did I get sucked in to defend my industry? YOU BET! And I would do it again. Just not with this person, cuz she blocked me :)


  1. I love it Millie. Continue to stick up for our industry. I have been in it for 20 years and have been behind the table doing nails,taught for manufacturers, teach Continuing Education and help professionals find great salons/spas to work. I love my beauty industry and still love it after 20 years. Some people are not made to live our lives or know how good it feels to make other people beautiful. They only see that they couldn't make it in an industry that is as tough as any other, but with more freedom to express yourself artistically on a different level.
    Keep up the GREAT Work.

    1. Thanks,we obviously view this industry on a whole different level! You keep up the great work as well :)