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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Eye on the Prize

         How are you going to stay on target for 2013? Many of you may have already broken a New Years resolution, or two. That's why it is much more effective to set goals instead of resolutions. I'm going to dig a little deeper into the goal setting program I spoke about last week. Define your top target  specifically..and keep focused intensely on that one goal.  You can have a few goals in mind, but when you focus on more than one thing remember your attention gets diverted and you make baby steps, not strides. Experts say any more than three and you're doomed. This is not to say you can't accomplish more than three things a year. Focus diligently on the first one or two goals until you put that big fat check mark next to it..Only then move onto the rest of your list. Think about what's great already in your life, in your career. Make yourself a success list and keep it close by. I have a wall of thanks in my home office. I keep all notes, print out all the thank yous and inspirations so they are never too far from me. One glance and I remember that I am making a difference large or small. Once you take stock and look at the positive, build your goal list for 2013 with the recommendations from last weeks segment.
     Think about what you want to reward yourself with when goals are achieved. Not just the reward of accomplishing the goal but a real tangible reward. Maybe a weekend away, or a shopping spree, maybe a new car if your goal was really rewarding. As tempting as it would be to reward those around you I still encourage you to reward yourself first. Remember what gets rewarded gets repeated. Create a dream board. Also called a vision board, it is the process of actually going old school and purchasing poster board and filling it with pictures cut from magazines that best portray your goals. I am actually signed up for a Ladies who Launch seminar this month  called Using FENG SHUI to Create Your 2013 Vision Board. Apparently I must not have had my pictures in the right place on the board all these years. Nonetheless, it's a fun evening out to network with fellow like minded business women.  I have to say the few years I did these boards I did manage to get a whole lot done. Coincidence? Maybe. But there is real power in staying focused and having your vision board out where you can see it every day.
     Put your goals out into the universe. Involve family members, co-workers, friends, even casual acquaintances. You might even want to bring in an accountability partner. Share your goals and your plan with someone and ask them to hold you accountable. Schedule reviews in regular time intervals to track your progress. Very rarely do we not notice being shoved off course but getting nudged little by little off course can happen to all of  us. Make sure you choose someone that won't put up with your excuses either. It takes candor to keep things on target. Have a system for checks and balances. Nothing is worth having if it costs losing too much in the process.

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