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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Are You Marketing Your Best Self?


     You can have the best marketing plan on the planet, have clients spilling over your chairs, but if you don't deliver high performance service, nothing else matters. Every once in a while a friend pops in on Facebook or in an email with a question. Millie, how do you do so much, where do you get your energy, I wish I had half your energy. I don't go to the energy store and buy a six pack. My energy comes from my lifestyle and my lifestyle comes from being broken and having to fix myself. Many of my new friends may not know the struggles I too have had to face. 2009 my world fell apart. My marriage failed, my shop closed and I felt all my life's work to this point had been just an illusion of success. Without any other choice I had to rebuild my world, step by step. I read, studied and listened to my mentors, to success gurus and also to friends and family. I pieced together strategies to carve out a new way of living. I believe for me,  it comes down to passion, balance and discipline. I looked at the strategies of other successful people I admired and took pieces and parts of their disciplines and adapted them to create a lifestyle that works for me. I had to change my mind, in order to change my life. The first thing I did was eliminate all negative information that we are all so inundated with these days. Yes, I quit watching the news. Any negative thought or event we allow in our brain takes energy away from the positive. At times we can even allow ourselves to get dragged down to pity city with no ticket home. I'm not saying I'm a Pollyanna, but you can limit what you allow in your brain. If we fed our bodies food like we feed our brains information we would be dead from the toxicity. Negative in , negative out. Positive in, Positive out. And by all means, don't talk about negative things with your clients. You become the negative experience. Speaking about food, I changed my diet entirely and became vegan. I'm not saying you have to go to this extreme however there is so much evidence about the poisons in the standard American diet that you can no longer turn a blind eye to it. I wrote a blog post about this after watching a video by Dr Amen so you can check that out here. Can a healthy brain make a difference?

          I began running, at 48. I knew diet was only half the answer. I made a commitment to exercise every day, whatever form and have added Yoga, Pilates and strength training. I feed my spiritual self. I went back to church, meditate several times a week, read inspirational books and listen to motivational cds. Getting in touch with a higher resource gives me the grace I need to face the challenges ahead and to be continually grateful for my many blessings I continue to receive. I remain passionate about what I do and who I do it with. I don't take one moment of this career for granted, I don't take one client for granted and I look to the purpose and lesson from everyone put in my path. While at times I can be a workaholic I have also been fortunate to have the right people surrounding me to let me know when to take a break and enjoy time off. Even if they have to drag me. Many people tell me well I could never be vegan or I don't have the time to exercise or read. Here's another secret. I don't watch TV. Well that's not true, I did watch the Golden Globes, for research.. But in general I have to say I watch maybe 3 hours a week. That may be a little extreme for some, but I can tell you it frees up so much time, time you say you never have enough of.
     Please don't take this as a sermon, or an indulgence. Believe me I am a work in progress every day. These are strategies I have found that have helped me and I am constantly working on the right balance. While on the treadmill this morning, watching a YouTube video on High performance by Brendon Burchard he suggests you ask yourself several times a day What is my energy level and how present am I? Marketing yourself is marketing your BEST self. Not your 1/2 engaged low energy self. I encourage you to take a look at your lifestyle and think about some ways you can up your performance to market your best self.

The Secret Is Not Enough - Psychology And Physiology Of High Performance - Brendon Burchard


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    1. I so needed this Millie, thanks. This is Marya Dunbar were Facebook friends.

  2. You are so welcome. It's wonderful when the right words come at the right time!