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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Calling All Moms!!

                     Mothers day should represent the second highest spike in your gift certificate sales since the holidays. One thing for certain, everyone in your chair has a mother. They may not be a mother but at one point they've had or still have a mother. Start first things first. Chat about the upcoming holiday. "What are you doing for mother's day?" Have you gotten something for your mother yet? Please be sensitive if you do not know your client well enough to know if their mom is still alive, you don't need to create an awkward moment. Let your guest take the lead in the conversation initially before you recommend anything. One thing I know most moms will say is they never get what they really want or how about when you haven't seen your client for a few appointments only to find out their family bought them a gift card at a salon down the street or across town. Why did their family  not know where to purchase a gift card? Whose fault is that? Well might I suggest, ask for the sale. It goes something like this. We have downloadable gift cards on line. Why not forward the website to your kids/spouse so they get the hint. When I sent a monthly newsletter I printed a coupon on the back flap so the moms could simply fill out the coupon with the desired services, cut it out and tape it to the fridge, or the mirror in the bathroom or their husbands forehead. Whatever works I say. Print up a downloadable QR code for Gift Card opportunities and paste it on your Facebook page, twitter, place it on signage out front of your salon or in the window.

Do you have signage in your salon? On your table? Wear a button? Mirror talkers for the bathroom. Got Mom covered? Offers can be fun, like adding a small gift card like 15-20 dollars for the purchase of a larger one say 100 dollars. Create Mother/ daughter services for some salon/bonding time. DO you have a school or local university in your area? Why not post a small student discount for mother's day purchases. Make sure to offer to personalize the gift card. Mention to the purchaser the services their mom usually gets and the gift becomes a much more thought out and appreciated purchase. Look at partnering with other businesses. Local restaurants can include a discount code with your gift cards offering a deal on Moms meal. Local day care centers are a great place to post your specials and flyers. Many facilities will stuff their mailboxes with your mother's day offer. Have your flyers about mother's day specials at local florists, tanning salons and fitness facilities. Put together a Moms night out where moms can get together with their friends for some much needed pamper/social time. You might even offer again restaurant discounts or local pizza delivery so dinner is taken care of as well. Make sure to put your best marketer forward offering mom much needed packages or express services. Maybe you have a facility that can coordinate a dual manicure pedicure for those moms with a limited time schedule.
                    Be creative and think about what would be valued and time saving. Be informative, offer top trends and useful hints and tips on your website or Facebook pages to draw moms to your salon. Contests are wonderful. Send out a contest through your Facebook page, twitter, and your email list that you are having a contest to give away a mani pedi or whatever to a deserving mom. It's a great way to reward hard working moms that need a break from their kids. I just found the winning essay from one of the many years contests and forwarded the note. She was so touched to have that note, especially now that daughter is a teenager. Make sure to have your moms check in to your salon for their moms night out to make their friends curious enough to book their own night out. Take advantage of these social networks and the potential clients they can reach. Remember a large percentage of potential guests purchase due to an online, social media recommendation. Don't miss out on this huge opportunity.

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