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Monday, May 7, 2012

Magnetic Marketing

        This week's segment comes from Success magazine and cd. Many of you know I am a Success junkie and the good news is, so many of what I bring you each week is confirmed in many of the strategies and tools Success shares every month with their readers and listeners. The publisher, Darren Hardy interviewed marketing strategist, consultant and author Dan Kennedy. His article this month is called Marketing by Magnetic attraction. This is relatively new term also know as pull marketing as opposed to push marketing. With all the available resources there is no place for push exclusive marketing. Push marketing is as simple as a salon teaser that is sent from your computer program that a 1:00 appointment is available today. Pull or magnetic marketing is a bit craftier, more thought out and diligently planned. For every push message you need to have four or five pull messages. A pull message would be maybe a link to an article about the safety of UV lights, or a link to an article what to look for in a salon, or photos of our work. Pull messages engage the reader, get them thinking about themselves, not you, and what they need, not what you need to sell.
Magnetic marketing flips the switch from what do I have to sell and what is the cheapest way to sell it.. to quote" How can I set up a system of attraction that brings a steady, reliable stream of ideal potential customers or clients to me, asking for my advice or assistance as a trusted authority or provider in their category of interest." in other words, How do I connect as the best resource with clients that are already seeking my services?
      For this Kennedy shares a 3 point system, message, marketing and media. I really want to focus tonight on the message. Three key ingredients for a great marketing message include the following three things. 1. Being Unique, which we have talked about several times on this segment. 2. Offer information instead of pushing services or product and 3 market yourself as the go to person. These last two points are something you will hear more and more of as social media sites surge as marketing tools. Interestingly enough they also chatted in the interview about raising prices and the fear associated with it, so there is a bit of relief here knowing this fear is as universal to the president of a major company as it is to us. It is more an indication of the persons own esteem, both personal and business that feeds this fear. Most importantly Kennedy believes that the service or product should not control price. It should be controlled by the hidden psychological reasons for buying these products or services. The value of those desires is much higher than the value of the service or object you are selling.
      OK real talk. People don't buy our services they buy the experience, how they felt, the fact that they can afford to have a "nail girl", the convenience of not having to worry about their nails day to day in their busy hectic life, being on trend or fashion forward or wearing the same thing Beyonce wears, being envied by their friends. This is what has the value, the emotional payoff for the client. I had a client that had to attend a family wedding where her ex would also be in attendance. What did we do? Revenge hair and nails. She looked stunning.
     Kennedy also talks about marketing yourself as the go to person and the price hierarchy pyramid of income and power. Imagine the pyramid like this. Generalists are at the bottom, next tier Specialists, next Certified Specialists , Certified Specialist that is an expert and authority maybe an educator for a manufacturer, highest level is a Certified expert, authority and celebrity like Angel Williams. She is the sole operator of Nature's Intent Hand and Foot Spa, she is a brand ambassador for leading nail companies, freelance artist participating in Fashion Week and nail blogger. So, the higher up the income pyramid you go people are paid more for who they are in the market place than what they do or what they sell. So if you are struggling with raising your prices, raise your level. Take that master class, put a shoot together and start your portfolio, offer to submit an article on spring trend to your local paper. When I post the link for the show on my page I always post Listen Up, because I know listeners will move up when they listen up. That's the beauty of becoming a go to expert. Clients seek you and your authority out. And that's got pull.


  1. Great read! It's interesting. I can't decide if I feel posting pics of work is considered pushing or pulling. Pushing is only when we promote services, or offer an open spot, like solicit business.

  2. I am going to use thin informatin to mt advantage!! Thanks Millie, your awsome!

  3. That last sentence was a question Millie :) sorry

  4. Yes Jesse. I think pictures is pulling too. I believe you can read the whole article on thanks for your comments;)