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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Grand Ideas

This week we have a special request for some marketing advice. Libera Stoner just opened her spa, Medi Pedi’s and Nails in The Villages Ocala Florida. She is an ER nurse with 22 + years experience and a nail tech trained as a Certified Master Pedicurist looking for grand opening ideas to draw a crowd. Well Libera. You said your spa has a Roman theme so I suggest a Toga Party theme. I googled Toga Party recipes’ and suggest a wine inspired punch with toga friendly fare that isn’t too drippy to turn your togas into giant napkins. Try

Bacon and Date Appetizer
Coconut Shrimp I
Garden Veggie Pizza Squares
Cocktail Meatballs I
Chicken and Sun-Dried Tomato Bruschetta
Marinated Grilled Shrimp
Make sure the presentation is lush as well, Gold and silver colored platters will give you that plush look you are shooting for. Music should be light and instrumental or go all out and hire a harpist. Next you’ll need to drum up a crowd. Check out other area businesses that would like to be included in your Grand opening festivities. Their databases could quickly add up to a crowd in a hurry. Visit as many area businesses as you can with business cards, menus and an invite to participate in your grand opening. I did this for a grand opening and many companies donated gift certificates to their business that I gave out as door prizes all night. I sold chances at $5.00 per ticket and chose a charity that would receive these donations from the event. Contact your local chapter of that charity and they can send out a newsletter to their database about your event. The Arthritis foundation is a good one considering many people with foot pain never realize it is arthritis, they just assume it is from years of the wrong shoe choice. Make up flyers and post anywhere and everywhere they will let you. You can have a costume contest and even a Roman mythology quiz awarding winners gift cards to your salon. Create an event on Yelp, Facebook and Twitter and get the social marketing muscle flexing on your behalf. Have menus ready and maybe tied like ancient scrolls to go along with the theme. Last but not least out together a few of your own specials including the grand prize of free foot care for a year. Sounds extravagant but in reality is only 8-10 pedicures depending on how often you book them, I recommend every 6-8 weeks. Tie in with some local podiatrists and/or foot clinics and leave invites as well as menus and business cards. See if you can talk one of the podiatrists into speaking for a few minutes on Foot health during the event. Last but not least make sure to write a press release and send out to your local press including an invite to your event.
I also wanted to mention that I am holding a webinar next Monday at 3pm eastern standard time November 21st on Holiday Marketing. It is free to listen, and only ten dollars to download and listen at a later time. Make sure to join me for a ton of holiday cheer.

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