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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This Crazy Business

So yesterday I travelled to the Raylon Corp. in Reading Pa to speak at a sales meeting on behalf of Dashing Diva. This company is growing so fast that they can hardly keep up with themselves. I started my day when my alarm went off at 4:15 AM. Grabbed a quick shower, breakfast bar and headed off to a 6:55 flight to Allentown, through Philly. Two flights later, once in Allentown I rented a car and started my journey to Reading with plenty of time to get to my 1:00 time slot. Soon after I started my journey I was detoured several times due to heavy snow damage. I quickly got turned around, missed exits and found myself totally lost. I was on the wrong road, still heading south, but about 1/2 hour off course. No biggie, I'm sure I can find a way to cross back over to the correct highway. Time was getting away from me now. I was thinking in all my years of teaching, travelling, speaking, I have never been late or not shown up...maybe today would be the first? This is so crazy, I kept thinking. I pressed onward seeing I could keep heading in the direction I was going instead of doubling back and wasting even more precious time. Of course to stop and recalculate my phones GPS was too easy, I stopped and asked, what looked like a guy that would know, at a gas station for directions. My map I had printed out was cut off just past where I thought I could reconnect with the right road. Of course! The man very kindly confirmed my hunch that I would in fact end up on the right road, coming to my destination from "the scenic" route. I finally got to Raylon with 15 minutes to spare and they were of course running behind. Whew. Finally it was my time to speak. I got to share with the sales consultants about the fabulous company, Dashing Diva, their fabulous Global Technical Director ,Patty Yankee Williams, and their fabulous French wrap system. It had been a long time since I had given a presentation at a sales meeting and I have to say I was a bit nervous. I had prepared, even rehearsed, but this time was different. Because I really don't have a "position" with the company, I just went in as a consultant I spoke to them as Millie. A nail dork, and shared my passion. Even though I was being filmed, skyped actually, I was not nervous, ok maybe a little. Sharing my passion for great companies and great products still comes naturally to me. After an "atta boy" from the sales rep and a round of applause from the sales consultants it was back to an hour drive to the airport, two flights and home by eleven. Crazy, right? But love it!!

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