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Thursday, November 17, 2011


This past weekend I met up with Jada Cunningham, Michelle Torisk and Kimberly Hammond and headed up to the 3rd annual Canadian Nail Techs Connect event hosted by Dayna Knight and Laura Merzetti. We decided back in August on a field trip to Detroit to visit nail artist extrordinaire Janiese Newton we would make the treck. Dayna actually drove down from London Ontario for our nail "Play date" and told us all about this event. We almost didn't make it in one piece, there was a deer that decided to stand in the middle of the freeway when we were almost to Canada. Flying at 75 miles per hour, swerving was NOT an option, so I slowed down and moved to the side ever so slightly and it was just enough to get that deers butt in motion and it darted off across the highway. Whew, it was really close. Once we got to the Holiday Inn in London there was already a meet and greet in progress with many techs already sharing stories, ideas and wine! Dayna and Laura put together some fabulous speakers, vendors and demo tables along with a silent auction and free door prizes.

Something literally for everyone. Amy Becker, Carla Collier and Michelle Sproat shared amazing works of art as well as many others. We also learned that plum sauce comes with just about every meal in Canada, according to the girls behind us at the snack bar. The guy looked at Kim like she was crazy when she asked what it was lol. I know I picked up so many new ideas and valuable techniques. I watched Michelle do a gel design with an actual pin that's what I can do with mine.haha After a fantastic dinner at East Side Marios we had one more visit with Dayne and Carla before heading up to check out our goodie bags. I will definitely return again next year for more education and networking. Thanks again to all the sponsors and Dayna and Laura for all their hours of preparation and coordinating to bring such an awesome event!

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