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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Adventures

     So with the complications of life, and Facebook, this poor little blog got pushed aside, kicked to the curb, ignored like the red headed step child. And for that I apologize. I guess I never really found the true value in it until recently. I have the blessed opportunity to do what I love, every day. I know that is not true for everyone. I also just recenly lost a very close client, at a very young age which has made me stop and take stock. Recently, at a fourth of July party, I was catching up with a cousins sister in law, one I don't see very often and I shared I would be coming to fashion week. She got so excited for me. She offered me to stay at her house in New Jersey, "But you'll probably want to stay in the city." On and on she gushed over my good fortune at the opportunity to check a huge goal off my list. I think at the time, she was more excited than I was. It got me thinking, I so take for granted my position in the beauty world. I have traveled to amazing locations, met most all of my beauty heroes, network with an amazing group of professionals yet I still hunger. For what? I don't really know myself. I have worked as an educator, industry speaker, consultant, owned a salon, developed a product, written for trade magazines, the list goes on and on. I share this not to boast, please understand. I guess I just share this so others can know that even at the top, (or somewhere close) there is still growing, learning, searching for what is next. This weekend I accomplish another goal, to work behind the scenes at fashion week. Check. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. Whatever comes of this weekend I know it will be another wonderful experience to add to my beauty-full life. I will try and update often but most of all I will try and take the experience deep into my soul and appreciate my blessings. I can't promise to stop searching, but maybe I'll slow down and enjoy the journey just a little more.

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