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Thursday, April 7, 2011


     I am so lucky to love my job. Do I work long hours? Yes. Do I love everything about my job? No. Is it perfect everyday? NO. But today my son asked me what was the highpoint of my day. I thought about it for a minute and shared my appointment with Jo. I have been doing Jo's hair for about 9 years now. She was a weekly client until she became ill last year. Jo is one of those clients you see on your appointment book and you get a warm fuzzy feeling. I really love Jo. She is the youngest of four sisters, just like me. She has lost one of her sisters, just like me. We have shared so much over the years, so many good things, a few horrible things, but I know we will be friends forever. Drs discovered lymphoma last year and she has been struggling with her health ever since. She had to have surgery a couple weeks ago and when she got home I went to her house to do her hair. She was pretty weak but I know she felt a little better after I left. She said she would try and come in this week if she felt better. Today she gathered her strength and had her son bring her up to get her hair done. She looked tired and weak but she came in. We washed her hair and got her settled, she was quiet at first but as usual we got to chatting about our lives and it was like old times. I even got her to chuckle and smile and it was the highpoint of my day. You always feel better getting your hair done but today I felt better too.
Update: Jo is is good health and brightening my Fridays on a regular basis!

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