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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Update long overdue

Forgive me bloggers for I have's been too long since I have posted. Been busy wth Sooooomany things that distract me from my blogging, I know excuses excuses... Well I have five minutes inbetween clients to catch up....and eat my lunch so here goes. I have been helping my friend Athena Elliott with her new Nail Talk Radio show for the past several months and it has been an amazing ride. I have met the coolest people, many that I would have never met had I not been connected with Nail Talk Radi0. I have a weekly Marketing/success tip that I share with listeners and I have been the producer for the last few shows. Join to see all my posts. I actually helped co-host the show last night which was very cool. Jim McConnell from Light Elegance was our guest and he covered so much information about gels and gel polishes and UV vs LED lights. I have also been working on a screenplay about the business, almost finished with the 3rd rewrite....getting closer! Looking forward to upcoming events in Orlando, Tennessee and Buffalo to name a few. Hope to meet up with my fellow nail dorks so make sure you grab me and introduce yourself!

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