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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Damn Wigs

So why do I have to be so good at wigs? What started as a curse helping out at the high school theatre has turned into a blessing, well sort of. All those years ago fighting, pleading with these abominable head dresses all for the sake of art, the theatre! This art I learn would give a woman her self esteem back. This art would allow her to take charge of her illness. Carol was in charge this afternoon. "I know I'm going to loose it all so just shave it" she calmly requested. I try not to flinch. "ok". Out come the clippers and as I begin to buzz her head there is no more chatter, no more small talk of treatments and options. She fell silent just watching. I spoke about my training in the "Look good Feel better" program from the now defunct NCA. I recommended not to shave, too itchy, let's just buzz it close. The rest, I assure her, will fall out soon enough. Why did I have to know this information? Why did I have so much practice with these damn wigs as I watched two so very dear clients both get stricken with cancer, within two months of each other this last year? How is it I am able, barely, to keep from crying myself as I participate in their journey. Cutting locks of hair to try and match wig color. Fitting them in early or late so they don't have to be there in a crowd when they pull off their hats and expose their bald cancer cap. Is it a blessing to have this talent? I'm not sure, what makes me so strong? Why does God think I can handle this job? I don't know, I just know when they call, I cannot say no. It gives me hope to help them check one more thing off their list towards recovery I guess. It is bitter sweet. Carol was thrilled with her wig I had worked my magic on and even though I had just met her and only known her for an hour I asked her if I could hug her goodbye. She seemed very reserved and I was not sure her response. She put down her bags and said "Of course, I could use all the hugs I can get." So can I Carol, so can I.


  1. That is a bittersweet tale but ultimately heartwarming to give that lady some dignity at a time when she needs it most.

  2. You can never know how much that meant to her.

  3. Something so small meant alot to Carol.