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Sunday, November 22, 2009

So wish I had taken before and after shots :(

Sometimes the best kick in the butt is the one you least suspect or expect. I received one of those such kicks yesterday. I was running through a busy Saturday, looking forward to some much needed down time finally within my grasp . As I was working on one guest a brand new client walked in. I popped my head up and greeted her, excused myself and asked her how I could help her. "Yes I am looking for Millie, she comes highly recommended for nails." " Well that's me..." "Do you have any openings today?" she pleaded. Well I am booked solid, (save for a rare lunch slot blocked out) let me take a look at my schedule. I was finished at 3:15. Staring at that open appointment like my passport to freedom, I relented, "I have a 3:15 if you want to come back"....Oh man did that really come out of my mouth? I was almost out early, and on a Saturday, I might even get in a nap before I was looking forward to seeing my niece in Jeckyll & Hyde. My thoughts of ..."Maybe she can't come back" were quicklky dashed by her delighted "Sure, Oh that would be great". Wonderful, I am sure I sounded as thrilled as I felt at the prospect. As I pushed through the day I noticed I was ahead of schedule and could possibly move her appointment up and still get out early. I took a chance and called. Fantastic, she could move up! When she arrived and I escorted her back to the nail room and I began my consultation. " Well I just love Stephanie's nails, they always look flawless and wanted a full set>" Whaaaaaaaatttttt? A full set. Silly me, assumed it was just a manicure. Great, I have one half hour with an an hour request. I simply can't...Well I hemmed and hawed, geez that takes longer, I didn't realize. She looked back at me with that ever familiar desperation appeal. "You mean you can't do them? But It's my birthday". Ok that did it. Once I assessed her nails I realized I could probably get by with a gel coating and maybe one extension. Ok I won't be able to chat much and My fingers will be flying but, oh what the heck, let's go for it. As I transformed her not so nice nails into perfectly beautiful specimens she was simply in awe. She had never had her nails look so wonderful. They were horribly ridged from her constant picking at her cuticles, and probably a bit of psoriasis. She wanted to treat herself to the enhancements in the hope she would stop picking at her cuticles. After truly flying through the service, finished in 35 minutes I might add( a new record), she was stunned. She could not believe they were her nails and could not stop looking at them. Her enthusiasm was contagious and I found myself getting swept up in her experiencing beautiful nails for the first time. Something I took for granted that I did every day transformed this womans hands. Each step was new and exciting to her, she was giddy. She commented "I wish I had known about you for my wedding, my nails looked horrible that day." She was hooked and rebooked. A brand new client, thrilled with me. Hmmmm, sometimes God puts people in your day to remind you the true gifts you possess and are blessed to be able to offer. I know she thought I was her gift yesterday but I know now she was mine.

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