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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Life is truly all about perspective. I just got finished reading an article online about Elizabeth Smart. The now 21 year old kidnap victim has finally decided to speak out about her ordeal. Yes we imagined the worst, she was assaulted and repeatedly raped over the 18 months she was held hostage. What she shared about her experience truly floored me.
"I have never let it hold me back, and I have gone on to do everything, so far, that I have wanted to do, and I think that's so important." She added, "We all have our trials, and we all experience hard times, but I don't think we should ever let it disable us from what we want to do." In the salon we work with and on people all day, every day, day in and day out. We all know someone, maybe more than one person that is constantly complaining about their life, rotten kids, hate their job, marriage is a mess, an extra wrinkle here an extra pound there, whatever it may be. Yes while all those problems are well, problems the worst that would happen may never be as bad as one of Elizabeth Smarts days. Unfortunately this year I also lost two very special people in my life. My father passed away a year ago November and my sister lost her fight with brain cancer in early September. While I do have my day to day struggles I do stop and think with the worst thing that may be happening to me, I’m not dying of brain cancer. I get to see my kids grow another day. I get to share a laugh with a dear friend, a memory with my mom, an inside joke with my sister, and another day on this earth to try and get it right. It may not always be buttercups and roses every day, but while we are still on the right side of the grass, there is always hope.

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