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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What are you feeding your brain??

I had the tremendous opportunity this weekend to spend two days with one of my mentors, Geno Stampora. I was most likely at one of his first classes at the Barnum Beauty Shows in Cleveland, Ohio in the late 80's. I thought what an interesting guy, and smart, especially for a hairdresser. I can say that because I am one too! I know I shared the fact that I enjoyed his class with him and looked forward to hearing him speak again. I attended his classes whenever I could, oftentimes when he was the only person I was interested in seeing at a show. He was well worth the money. I began putting many of his principles into practice and saw incredible, positive changes in my world. Each time I saw him he had grown too, with better and better information. Not long after that I began teaching and speaking myself at the trade shows and those of us road warriors, back in the day, became "family". There are so many dear friends that I made over the years that I knew from simply sharing a booth next to them at a show, getting stranded at airports, trying to find something to eat at the end of a long day when everything is closed, fighting with convention services, you know, all the glamour there is behind the scenes. I eventually got up the courage to introduce myself to my "heroes". These people that shaped my career, the writers, trainers, motivators that I could pop in my cassette player (yes that's how old I am), and learn from these masters over the years. Eventually these "heroes" would introduce me to other "gurus" and so on. How fortunate am I to be able to call so many of them my friends and colleagues now. The beauty industry has such wonderful people in it. People that encouraged me, guided me and pulled me up to their level to make the industry a better place. Many believing in me before I believed in myself. I am more committed than ever to this industry and creating wonderful success stories within it. Look for a new pr/marketing website coming soon, look for me in more magazines, teaching more classes and speaking at more shows. I'm at your service to help you grow an extraordinary life in the beauty business!


  1. Wow, Millie, I can relate so much to what you have written here. The only difference is that I am in the beginning of this now! Another difference is that you didn't have the internet, which is a fab. tool for getting in contact with "the heroes". Hug Cecilie, from Norway

  2. Strange... I made a comment, but it disappeared... Anyway... What I wanted to say was that I can really relate to what you have written here. There are only some differences. I am in the beginning of approaching my heroes. I guess it has been easier for me, as you didn't have the internet. Internet is a fab. tool for getting in contact with people. Hug C.

  3. Blogs can be set up to have the posts and comments moderated. I get an e-mail first and then have to confirm to post it. Thanks Cecilie, I know with your hard work you are destined for greatness too. I'll email you about the article:)