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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

HRTE Chicago

What a FANTASTIC weekend in Chicago!! All I can say is Holy Sparkle Toes Batman!! The High Road To Education class was one of the best classes I have ever attended. The energy in the room was just electric. Everyone was just buzzing with new information, sharing light bulb moments *(Carol and I over the nail art). It makes me really proud to be a member of this industry. I'm not quite sure that we as nail techs and beauty professionals understand the privilege we share to have such an incredible passion for what we do and get to play at it every day. When I wrote my Nail Friends article for NAILS magazine I waited, holding my breath, for feedback all the while thinking, "this was such a personal article, I wonder how it will read". Finally not being able to take the suspense any longer I finally e-mailed Judy Lessin and asked......."so? no rewrites?" What she shared with me really made my day. She just loved the article and said she wouldn't change a thing, what she loves about working with us nail techs is our passion for our work. I sure shared a lot of that passion this weekend. I was lucky enough to have a few minutes to speak to the attendees about PR marketing and am really hoping a few will make the effort to do it. Attending events like this one really add value to your clients experience by pushing your work to the next level. Why not toot your own horn about it!!


  1. wooo hoo Millie....way to go.....:)

  2. posta link to the article - I want to read it : D