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Friday, May 15, 2009

What are you feeding your brain?? Part 2

So I've decided to really make the commitment to walking for at least 30 minutes every day. Those of you that know me well know....I hate to exercise. So I searched for a good cd to pop in the cd player, seriously, maybe I'll splurge on an ipod one of these days for myself instead of just for the kids...Anyhoo....back to my search. Oh, here's one. Larry Speaks on Salon Success, by Larry Curtis. That was a pretty good one. I got this from Larry himself at a show can't remember where or when, within the past few years. So I pop it in, Wow ever notice when your mind is moving in a certain direction things you really need seem to manifest? I have been looking for new content for articles and classes and this CD fits right in. I consider it a must have. GREAT strategies for success. Larry is another hunter/gatherer of information much like myself. Knowledge is power, BUT ONLY when implemented and acted on. It's is not enough to know, you must GROW with that knowledge. So what are these great strategies you ask?? Well you really must listen to the cd to get the most bang for the buck, but just to whet your appetite.....

Never Stop Learning. How good do you WANT to be?
Commit to a few personal missions

Take personal responsibility. For things to get better YOU have to get better.
Stay flexible, life goals don't always fit in exact measure.
Control your attitude and committ to having more fun. Having a good attitude will make inevitable challenges easier to deal with.

Take ACTION. When all is said and done.......more is SAID than DONE.
Your success is up to one person and one person only YOU

Stay tuned for MORE success tips.


  1. I am so going to post this at my desk and read it every day.