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Thursday, April 16, 2009


I am so fortunate to have such a wide circle of friends to gain so much inspiration from. So, I am sending out a query, about anyone that has developed their own private label brand for an article in Skin Deep. My friend/ex-boss from IBD forwards me the name of a gal in Kansas City that does make-up and has developed her own line of cosmetics. Cool, I will try and connect with her. Go to her site, WOW. This girl has got it going on. She has a thriving business as a professional make-up artist and photo stylist and is the make-up artist to the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders. She also has developed her own make-up line called Be Cosmetics. The cool thing about her is that it really is not about the make-up. It's about a movement she is driving, the Be movement. Just speaking on the phone with this young lady for 45 minutes was so inspiring I have joined the Be movement and can';t wait to see this girl shine. She is really about inspiring people to "be" what they truly want to "be" and helping them achieve their dreams. Melissa Blayton is a name you are going to be hearing a lot of soon, I can just tell. The energy and goodness surrounding her is such a wonderful departure from the self indulgent, self serving world that is unfortunately what we sometimes see in the business community. I am featuring her in my private label article and going to work on a feature article for her soon and can't wait to get this girl more publicity. So stay tuned to this stand-out rising star. Click on her fabulous photo to visit her website!

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