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Friday, March 13, 2009

Dear PR Diary

Answer: Persistence, Persistence and Persistence. Question: What three things does it take to have a successful PR relationship. While I have had much success with the press in beauty industry trade publications the "media at large" have been a bit tougher to crack. I had a great connection a few years back at a local magazine. The editor was looking for a new salon and happened to see my menu sitting on someones desk from a leftover press release, no doubt. She called for an appointment and we developed a wonderful relationship. I even wrote a few articles for her. I still send out press releases on a quarterly basis at least. I also include events now and again. So while receiving nice notices I had never reeled in the big fish, until yesterday. Kim Crow Style editor from the Plain Dealer came in for one of my treatment services. I felt honored to find that I was also the start of her birthday celebration. I felt as nervous as a first date. Made sure everything was neat and tidy, got in early with plenty of time to pace, wander around forgetting what I was doing, the usual. What a refreshing delight she is! Very warm, I liked her instantly and noticed a very down to earth, hard working gal. I was immediately at ease and all my nerves were truly unwarranted. We chatted about everything from office quirks to social networking challenges, to airport security mishaps. I know I had a lovely time, I sure hope Kim did! We laughed and forgot about the cares of the world for 90minutes. She couldn't have been nicer or a more pleasant client. We talked about beauty, style and the press of course so watch for those updates to come. What is the moral of the story? Don't be afraid of the press, nurture relationships so that when the timing finally happens and the universe aligns you are prepared to enjoy it! Click the link here to read our press.

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