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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dear PR Diary

So who ever said that PR was easy again??? Oh that's right me (o0). Ok so it's not always nice and tidy. Sent a press release last week to Kim Crow, Cleveland Plain Dealer (Style Guru) about the new CocoLime services at Natural Beauty Salon & Spa. BINGO! Timing is everything. Kim e-mails me back that they are doing a a feature on Spring spa services, she would love to include the "CocoMojiToes" pedicure. Awesome, she would also like to come in and GET a CocoMojiToes pedicure. Even MORE awesome! Well scheduling what it is..........editor meetings.........speaking engagements.......We just couldn't get together last week. Not to worry with deadline approaching I will send her the newsletter with all the juicy details. The next best thing to being there is a newsletter. TechTard moment........she doesn't get the newsletter. Oh No up against deadline now....Resend Newsletter with all the juicy details........Too late, she has already written the copy. But wait........she still wants to come for the pedicure this week. Back to awesome. What have we learned? Following up is worth the risk of being bothersome!! Stay tuned for Kim gets a CocoMojitoes Pedicure..........

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