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Thursday, March 26, 2009


Whew what a whirlwind weekend. Thanks so much for the warm southern welcome from my friends at Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa and Dermascope magazine. How wonderful it was to see a packed trade show brimming with so many educational opportunities. I was invited to speak on publicity offering Publicity 101 to the many hundreds in attendance. Publisher Will Strunk gave me a wonderful introduction endorsing how underrated and malnourished this area of most Spas and Salons. Once presentation number one was finished it was a quick run back to the hotel where I was speaking at the Permanent Hair Removal Conference in the afternoon. Just enough time to find a vegan lunch, yummy grilled veggies on Texas toast (of course). Knowing I would be attending the Texas BBQ later that evening (and probably not eating a whole bunch) I took advantage of all the fries too. The PHRC was also sponsored by Les Nouvelles and Dermascope as well and I had the opportunity to speak with Saundra Brown, Managing editor of Dermascope. She is based in the DFW(that’s Dallas Fort Worth for you non Texans) area and it is booming! On the local news Sunday morning I heard it is the fastest growing community in the US right now. Well that’s positive news to start out the presentation! The group was very receptive and loved the information. I headed back up to the room, resisting the temptation to head back to the show floor with all the toys, yes I actually did resist LOL. I decided to work on an article due next week for Les Nouvelles and since America’s beauty show is this weekend I will not have another Monday to get it done! After researching on the Internet and some facebook catching up I headed down to the complimentary Texas BBQ. Man if I was a meat eater…… all smelled so good. Instead I opted for the beans, Cole slaw and potato salad, I know …..mayo…..I tried. There was a band for kicking up your heals and learning the latest dance craze……….make sure to check out the video...coming soon. As much fun as it was this group rolled up the dance floor around 10, just as well. My 5am pick up on the supershuttle will come soon enough so contrary to my sisters advice to check out the hotel bar, I headed up for the night and YES the supershuttle was there before I got turned around. I’m writing this from O’Hare waiting on my connection to Cleveland so I’ll be home for supper, vegan supper<3

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