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Monday, February 16, 2009

Top Ten

I am a pack rat. THERE I said it, now everyone knows. I hate to throw anything away. Sometimes this has huge advantages, sometimes, not so much. Ask my husband and he will tell you of the disadvantages but I say" Love me, Love my piles" its as simple as that. One of the things I really hate to throw away is a great article with great content. With the Internet I had decided that anything that can be researched and found on line, that hard copy can be tossed. Until you go to find an article and the host is no longer hosting it. So back to square one, or pile one as it were. I subscribe to a lot of other peoples newsletters to get great ideas, it's called environmental research....anyhoo if I write about the ones I have saved then I can throw them away! Genius! Here goes, the first of many to clear my desk!! This first tidbit comes from Tim Wackel. sales guru. A client gave me his website and I check it often. For some reason I saved this top ten list, although I'm not sure what it was top ten of ...regardless I found it a value. Enjoy

1) Set and exceed written goals, not just work goals but life goals.

2) Accept responsibility, own all of it, the good, the bad and even the ugly.

3) Prepare, what is the next purpose of your next client interaction. What are you doing to prepare for it?

4) Ask great questions, though provoking, not mind numbing.

5) INCREASE YOUR KNOWLEDGE, Strive to know more, about your product, your client, your competition.

6) Sharpen your communication skills, How much time did you spend last year improving your listening, writing and speaking skills?

7) Know the line between persistent and pest.....nuf said

8) Build long-term relationships, Do you really know what is important to your client?

9) Have a clear definition of selling, understand what it is you are doing, and continue to improve it.

10) Read, Write and Exercise, What are you reading to get you to the next level? All the information you need has already been written, go find it!

Ok so.......One down, many, many to go:)

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