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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well so much for blogging every day, every other day, once a week........It is harder than I imagined. Even though I love to write, there are just non blog worthy days, then there are blogworthy days without time to blog about them. I'm glad to be busy though. Too many people in my biz aren't busy enough these days, so I won't complain about being busy. I finished up my article on Work-Life balance, with little time to spare, March deadline. I find it ironic I was in such a panic/rush against the deadline given what the title was......the irony was not wasted on me! In researching for the article I discovered some interesting strategies about work life balance. I think it is safe to say we are ALL feeling a bit out of balance these days, what with the state of the economy, but stressing about it does no good. It's not like if you worry enough you can actually change things. The strategies I wrote about are simple, back to basics that we tend to forget over time. One newsletter I signed up for stated that we have fallen back to old habits after realigning our values after 9/11. It's easy enough to do. Miss a dinner here and there, not return phone calls as often as we did, not check in with old friends anymore. Many say the economy is forcing people to return to basics. Dinners at home, with friends and family. Having gratitude for all we really have. The best picture this year shares with us a whole other world that is so deeply impoverished it is just plain hard to imagine. We tend to forget how rich we truly are and how much richer we could be if we quit counting money and counted relationships instead. I'll post a link when the article comes out but in the meantime, just keep swimming!


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  2. I use an assortment. I'm always up for trying new things!