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Friday, February 13, 2009


So it rarely happens, in fact I can't even remember the last time..... but it happened today. The IRATE customer. She was getting her hair done and her scalp was really dry from the color process she had on Tuesday. It was in fact shedding in large chunks of dead skin. Freaky, we recommended an oil treatment and VIOLA! Chunks gone, scalp like a baby's behind. We are golden. She moves onto brows......20 minutes later emerges as Cruella Deville. Being busy behind the chair.......(thank god)........I only got bits and pieces of what was happening. Even trying to focus on my client didn't work as we both noticed her tantrum. "Oh my God ! You ruined my face! I hate them! " While the esthetician and her hairdresser try and console her things spiral out of control to a full fledged hissy fit. She comes to me and asks "Can you fix these, they aren't even, is there anything you can do?" Well first of all, I am already with a client.....second of all, while they may not be to your liking, they look even and outside of glueing hair back on, not a whole lot I can do. I recommend brow powder to thicken them up until they grow in a bit.......what else can you do? What do YOU do?? Experts recommend the same things in dealing with these clients. Keep your cool. Engaging in the argument will NOT diffuse the situation. Nod and listen. And listen some more and listen some more. Let them blow off the steam. More than likely if they feel heard they will calm down. Have empathy, "I understand that you feel this way."Ask what it is that you can do to provide a solution that works for both parties. Sometimes you just have to let them take off, settle down and think about what the best approach would be. What did I decide to do? We did not charge her for the brows, offered the brow powder for free and let her huff off. I will give her the weekend to calm down, then purchase a lash thickener from the skin care line we use that can also encourage brow growth. All I can do is extend the olive branch.....Hopefully she will take it. Stay tuned........

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