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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My name is Millie and I am a self-help-aholic. Many of you that know me know I am ALWAYS reading a book, or two or three at a time. For instance, right now.....I am listening to The Answer, reading The Sedona Method, How We Love and Design Your Best Year Ever. Ok so I admit, this time, I am a bit over the top and need to cut back. I just can't help myself pun intended. I LOVE strategies, insights, observations and the like. I love a great quote, theory, idea. I am a junkie. While in Cali visiting my daughter last week I met with Stephanie Yaggy editor of Nail Pro Magazine. We had a conversation over lunch about the state of the industry and where our roles were heading. Although tough economic times call for cutting back I have to admit I am busier than ever. Why am I so busy? Many years in the industry, many services that I offer, making sure to accomodate each and every clients wants and needs. Readers of industry trade magazines fare better in these crunches. They have resources to pull ideas from, other professionals to learn from and perhaps commiserate with. NailPro can be a tremendous resource in tough economic times.......What do these two seemingly unrelated threads have in common? Stephanie asked me if I would be interested in writing an online column for the NailPro website. Millie's tip of the week. So ALL the random reading I have done over the years will finally have an outlet. Yay! If I let out some it will make room for more, that makes me very happy. I am so looking forward to sharing my hints and tips with the world. Stay tuned to this very blog for more details to come!

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