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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Are You Making a Living or Making a Difference?

     In this ever competitive world with a salon on just about every corner, only the strong survive. So what is it you are doing to be strong? To survive and not only that, thrive? I had a young girl come into the salon Saturday and I thought I recognized her but I was heading to the back room. I had finished early for the day and was helping with towels before I left. I heard the owner say Oh, you’re with Millie? I came back out and recognized the young girl was one of my clients daughters home from school and she claimed her mom had made an appointment with me. I double checked my schedule, she could have made one online but my phone usually alerts me. Just as she pulled out her phone to check with her mom I said, no biggie, I have time and stayed to cut her hair. She is a young college student and I drew her into conversation about school, her classes, her dorm , her world. I spent extra time drying and beach waving her hair, something I know she would not take the time to do herself and she loved it. I thanked her and wished her luck at school and safe travels. After I called her mom and asked if she had maybe had an old card with an old number and we figured out she had called the old number and asked if anyone had time to cut her. She was booked at my old salon.  The point of my story is the girl drove to me, I am her hairdresser.  She automatically assumed her mom made the appointment with me. What are you doing to be the only beauty professional in your clients mind. How are you different? How are you providing service no one else can or will? This incident really got me thinking. Why do my clients come to me? Yes I have been a professional over 30 years and have many skills, many more I try and keep up with. But is that it? A few of my recommendations on StyleSeat are as follows.

"Millie is skilled and efficient. It is reassuring to know that your nail technician is a true professional trained to do nails. "
My first appointment with Millie was awesome - what an awesome experience! It was relaxing and a lot of fun - I look forward to seeing her again soon for my next appointment! I can't wait to try out all the artistic and unique nail designs Millie can offer! A true artist! =)"
But this one really got me.
Millie is a fist class professional women with great ethics. She is a wonderful human being!!!! "
To be the difference you have to make a difference in your clients lives. I was reading something the other day that talked about not separating our spiritual life from our work life. Many of you know I truly consider my work a ministry and one of my gifts connecting with people. I thought about this long and hard and decided to pray for my clients. I know some people may be offended by this and that’s ok. If you don’t pray, send good Karma, surround them in light, whatever your spiritual being guides you to do. I have the business and the clients I have for a reason. They are in my life for a reason and I know I am in theirs for one. A client shared with me her son was in an accident a few months ago but what I didn’t realize  and she just recently shared was that he was incarcerated for the accident. There is a ministry at my church for families who have a loved one in jail. I shared this with her, even looked up the number, called her with it and offered to accompany her if she was uncomfortable going alone.  Was that coincidence? I think not. So for me, its not just about the money, or cranking as many clients a week out I can. It’s about sharing our gifts, beauty is only one of them.

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