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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Are You Getting Buzzed?

     Generating a buzz around your salon is a sure fire way to gain new clients. Creating a buzz is different than marketing. Creating a buzz is about reaching out to the media and in turn reaching their readers.  P/R, public relations is about relationships. Building relationships with key media players will build your business. Offering content is the name of the game, the media is always looking for great content. Map out your business media vision plan. How do you want to be perceived in the media? What do you want the public to know about you. What do you want to be known for? If you’re truly serious put together a press kit. You can put this together on a DVD or have a link to your press kit on your website and direct the press there. To get started, it should contain an introductory letter, telling them about you, a brief overview of your business and that you would be happy to be of service to them. Include what sets you apart, your Unique Selling Points. Have copies of any press you have already had along with any awards you have received. Include contact information, business card and a current press release. Make sure to include high quality images of your work and your salon. Oh and don’t forget to spellcheck and edit for grammatical errors that spell check doesn’t pick up.  As a former owner I sent out a press release every season. Themed services got a lot of attention, my Chocolate covered cherry pedicure, and Pina colada pedicure got press and brought in new clients. Partnering with charity events tend to get the media’s attention as well. Many journalists in traditional print media need from one to three months lead time so be ahead of the curve. 
  A few ways to get ink according to NAILS magazine?

Throw a party any party. Grand opening, Fall festival, holiday open house. Find an angle and invite the media
Host a charity event. Consult with current clients and find out what causes they support that you can get involved. Donate a portion or all of the proceeds to the charity. Take plenty of photos and share on your social media and with the press.
Toot your own horn.  Write up your accomplishments in the form of a press release, maybe you’ve won an industry award,  a nail art competition?  Be a shameless self promoter.
Send nail art photos with the latest nail trends and treatments. Offer yourself as an expert.
Do you have impressive employees? Write up a press release about a stand out employee, maybe they volunteer to a worthwhile charity, maybe they have a unique hobby, are they an award winning tech?
Anything you can capitalize on that is unique about your salon is press worthy
Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge

     I have to give a shout out to my friend Maisie Dunbar here too. If you look up salon buzz in the dictionary you will see her photo! If you are not following her at Maisie Dunbar Salon and Spa you need to. She offers so many unique events and offers her salon up to host them. She has Art shows, Jewelry truck shows, book launches, community events. Maisie is truly the queen bee of buzz. Reach out to your clients and your community and get connected. Make contact with community leaders and offer to help with events. A little charity work goes a long, long way. So get buzzing and get press, because that’s smart marketing. 
See the full NAILS article here How to create a buzz about your salon

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