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Monday, July 28, 2014

Push Past Your Limits

     Are you struggling to reach your goals? My daughter gave me a birthday card this year with the perfect message.  Dreams come a size too big so that we can grow into them.  So if your dreams are feeling larger than life, looks like you’ve got some growing to do. It can be anything from fear, to doubt, maybe even lack of skill set. How can you push past the limitations in your world? The natural tendency is to give up when things get too challenging, but this is the precise time to push harder, change things up to break past getting stuck in a rut. Take action and put a plan in place.  
Recruit someone or something to help push you. Top achievers work with coaches and mentors. Find an accountability partner to flush out the negativity surrounding you. An encourager can be anyone that gives you much needed support and positive feedback. A compliment on your nail art, an encouraging word when you’re down. Reach out to people in your network that are positive role models for a boost when you need it. Subscribe to positive feeds on social media and turn off the negative news feeds. Find a cornerstone, something that you can have around you to remind you of the goal. A vision board, beautiful photos, thank you cards. Surround yourself with good vibes to ward off bad mojo.

   Take on something larger than your current skill set.  Enter an online contest, pick up a new art technique. Decide to master your numbers and your budget. Doing what you’ve always done is a sure fire way to staying exactly where you are.  Stuck in the confines of what you believe you can or can’t do. Stretch your limits and grow into them along the way.
Find something that truly inspires you. Get inspired by watching videos, reading inspirational books, or even just a great quote taped to your mirror. Inspiration is great for motivation. I have a ton of motivational quotes and a vision board on my fridge. Every time I walk past I am drawn to what motivates me.  What I’m dreaming of doing and becoming.
Push yourself to exhaustion. To truly break past barriers you have to be driven. Work on something that challenges you, and stick with it till you get your breakthrough. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating, all growth comes from outside your comfort zone. What is it you need to move forward? New tools? A class? A better video camera to work on tutorials? Research what it is you need to improve and take the leap. With much encouragement from my positive role models, Braden, I have taken the plunge and invested in recording equipment to start recording my content. Yes very soon you will be able to get my content in audio format.  I too was stuck in the grips of my limitations. I didn’t have the right equipment, would anyone purchase it? I struggle with the same fears and doubts just like anyone else, but I move past the fear by believing  my encouragers, my positive inner circle that says, yes you can. 
Cut off the negative naysayers, the ones that are stuck themselves. Break out of your limits and grow into your dreams. You will get farther than you ever imagined, just like this hometown girl, that is on the radio. If I had let fear win, you wouldn’t have Millie’s marketing segment. You too have great things to offer the world, now get to it!


  1. Your right Millie... Thanks for pushing me! I'm staring at a project on my coffee table that needs my attention, and tonight's the night ... I'm going to get to it !